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Body Invasion

I had one experience many years ago as a young teenager that I don't care to repeat! It all started with me and my brother fighting over who was going to turn on the VCR,and watch the movie we had picked out. Simple plan, foolish fight, and harsh anger and resentment! My brother got so ugly over the situation he was sent to bed for his behavior. That night after I went to bed I "felt" how angry he was! I woke up from my sleep to find a black, formless mass hanging over my bed. Itried to jump up and run, but the energy of this black thing paralized me if I tried to sit up any further than on my elbows. I convenced myself I was dreaming, and lay back down squeezing my eyes tightly shut. When I peeped through one lid I noticed the mass was fading lighter, but not gone. So I tried to jump up again to get dad. As soon as I started to raise the mass brightened,and its energy held me pinned. So I lay back down and feined sleep again. This happened two or three times. It was antagonizing me just as my brother would do. I "felt" it was his emotions thisTHING was feeding off . THEN,the mass entered me from my left side. I opened my eyes terrified! I couldn't see my walls or the room at all! I only saw black with numerous red sparks and flashes like a Forth of July sky! It lasted only seconds, then passed through my right side. I kept my eyes closed until I somehow drifted into an exhausted sleep. I told my minister about it, and he suggested I pray for protection from this happening again. I prayed every night on this until a few years ago. Then  four months ago my preteen daughter started having odd occurances in her room. They have ceased in the past two months, but guess what we have been trying to do as part of our bedtime ritual?!!!
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I too have had the same thing happen to me for 6 months. It was the scariest thing to ever happen to me I also was chocked but this thing would also cut me and pull me out of my body. I too could not scream it would wisper in my ear god cannot help u your mine.. it was so messed up..

i call this experience THE SLEEP DEMON, i have had a few run ins with "him"? the strangest thing though sounds slightly similar to your experience, i had a dream about him, in this dream he was STRONG so strong he was throwing me around a room like a ragdoll and i was feeling the pain, it gets weirder though, i was explaining this to my eldest daughter, as i started off the story, she suddenly started taking over the exact same dream, in the exact same place, word for word, he strangles you aswell, so that when you wake you will feel as if you are completely out of breath as if you have stopped breathing, i have had other experiences too but like you i surround myself with bibles, and holy pictures, crosses etc AND always pray now, it says in most holy books that ghosts do not exist, but demons and angels do, there is definately something going on without a doubt but until you have had an experience yourself, most people dont believe you or try to palm you off with a reason, however, as they werent there who are they to comment, i am no liar and i wasnt tripping or anything, i had a duvet wrestled off of me once too, i sat bolt upright after waking up enough to realise that i was alone, my kids were away at their grans and screamed at the topof my lungs in shock f... off! the duvet just flopped down and i was overcome with a sense of well being like someone had given me a tranquiliser, that one made me feel a little better about the paranormal because it clearly wasnt trying to hurt me, it could have done the strength was there, and there had to have been a form of intelligence behind an act like pulling a cover off of someone, strangely my best friends mum had not long passed and i felt strongly at the time that it was her however that goes against what the bible tells us, i doubt i will ever really know, but i will spend the rest of my days searching for answers.

Search... we seem to have similarities, yet differences. I was never 'choked', and I didn't sense 'its' desire to do so. It was more of a bullying to keep me restrained to the bed... unable to seek help. I remember trying to scream for my Dad. My voice was restrained. The entering, being inside me, then passing out the other side was the ULTIMATE terror act for me.

the ones that don't believe in the devil are in denial or they have a guilty conscious. you can't have angels without demons. I believe in reincarnation........I wonder if demons as well as angels will follow you around from generation to generation ?

I agree, Dallas.... if one is going to believe in God and angels, then one must concede to the rest of the story that His favorite angel was cast out along with many others to become Satan and demons. I do believe in angels and demons. Not sure I agree with reincarnation, so not sure about demons or angels following the same person's spirit around for generations. But I certainly think it possible for them to follow a family's generations for decades.

Some people say that if it is an angel you will not be in fear but if it is a demon you are afraid,
that is incorrect, because in the Bible when angels appear or when "GOD" manifested himself in some way to others through His angels or something else it was a terrifying experience because of its GREATNESS involved,
..not all spirit entities are bad and this may have come as a blessing/lesson in disguise.

You probably heard the saying that an angel of darkness can masquerade around as an angel of light, well the opposite is also true, a being of light can appear as a being of darkness for the purpose of light to convey some message.

In my opinion what you experienced could have either been a Guardian of your brother or of you, that came to teach you a lesson... to make you feel what you made your brother felt, or to make you feel what this type of behaviour (bickering over nonsense) can cause...
...even the smallest thing or fights other frivolities can turn into big issues or leave long lasting effects on someone else, what you may think is funny or nothing, could be something BIG for someone else...
...that is why "it entered you" (it was only a projection of the entity's thoughts), and the RED SPARKS were that of your ANGER, and how being angry about stupid stuff can cause great aggravation for other individuals involved.

You may thought it odd that ANGELS or Guardians or spirit teachers can intervene at such a young age...but they too have feelings and can get mad, but not without proper reason...
...Also I see many adults act like children, getting mad about stupid stuff, and not wanting to get along because of petty things, is it necessary? When someone can just have a freakin' attitude change, and all can get along, if only one would lay down their pride and be the lesser (small) party?
....And maybe the more people get mad about stupid (small things) the more they make life unbearable for themselves and others... There is also some bible verse that says we ail the Holy Spirit if we don't get along, or work to get along...maybe because this thing impedes the spiritual growth of all parties involved.

I once told someone who experienced something similar at a young age, maybe you experienced it then and did not know the meaning until you were ready NOW AS AN ADULT, to understand why it happened... also GOD has strange timing, His time is not the same as ours.

Thank you for the response, Banshee. You add some things to definately think on. However, as an adult, my opinion on the matter hasn't changed. I think the "intity" WAS a reflection on my brother's mood or attitude. And it was NEGATIVE. And it was MEAN. That was my brother's way then... that is my brother's way NOW 20 yrs. later. And it's a dangerous, fanatical negativity that to this day I don't accept nor will tolerate. But you would have to be around my brother to understand what I mean there. Yes, the start of that night's fight was childish and petty, but it escilated into the fanatical anger and hatred he can let loose. My anger doesn't reach near those levels. This was caused from him, I believed so then, and do so now. And I don't think it was a "good" angel either.

Then he has a stupid personality that takes every little thing way out of hand!!! We can learn from this to decide which type of people we want to be no?

Yes, I've read about sleep paralysis, and know a few people in my town that have it. All of them have one thing in common: they've had several experiencing episodes with the S.P. This is NOT my case. I only had this one experience, as a teen, and I'm now 37.

Your desc<x>ription sounds exactly like a physical condition called, "sleep paralysis". This occurs when you are in REM sleep is disturbed and then you start to awaken. You may open your eyes and believe you are awake, but you will not be able to move your body. Your dreams will continue to play. In this half-awake, half asleep mode, you can have nightmares, and it is a frightening sensation. However, it is entirely natural.

Beleive it or not, I have heard several other ppl having similar experiences in my lifetime

I believe there was a demon in the home or connected to your brother.It either wanted you to retaliate against your brother or it wanted you in general. It obviously had already attempted it with your brother. Somewhere along the way it has attempted now to continue in your family, now with your daughter. Protect her. Pray for her protection everyday. Have someone to bless your home. Speak with a clergyman about your situation.

It's demonic possession. Sorry to say it. I know someone who owned a black dress that she purchased at a yard sell. It was a pretty dress but, the moment she put it on, it did something to her. She became evil (for laque of a better word) which was NOT AT ALL in her character. At first it was barely noticable but got worse. Eventually, she also felt like you and could not see properly either. She described it as a hazy double vision but... Finally a group of Elders from her religion prayed over the dress. They meant to burn it but it wouldn't until they brought it to the "church" and prayed over it for several hours. Did you or your family own anything... Strange?

Midwest, I do not believe it was demon possession. Apon studying THAT subject, I found that people don't recall their behaviors or actions while under "possession". I could recall from the moment the 'thing' entered, lingered in me, to leaving out the other side. It invaded my body, yes, but Possession is when the intity takes total control of body and mind.

I'm sorry to have used the wrong word then. Because you did not invite it, you are correct. Thaneks for correcting my statement. I should have said demonic harassment. I should really watch how I state things. I'm not trying to scare you but I really believe that is what happened. You're right though. Possesses people have no true memory of it.

my mother saw a similar man standing at the foot of my bed . my sister saw the same man next to the bed of her sister in law. praying makes the spooks go away...but the feeling and fear remain...after.

Well if there is 'bad energy' there certainly also is good ! :) Indeed keep the positive thoughts and prayers up before bedtime, I think that really works ! Imagine a beautiful light around all of you.<br />
<br />
Love,<br />

Prehaps the black cloud provoked your brothers rather than the other way around, That my dear is the shadow of death. the angel of death I too have seen a thick black cloud but in my case it flead. and the next morning a white cloud came down from the heavens and up my front steps and through my front door that it when my darkness turned to light

They say the Christians have the power to rid your mind, your home, your life, your soul and spirit of anything paranormal that doesn't serve you or your family life. Try going to Church, listen to the message there and if nothing else relax, quiet your mind and enjoy the music and peaceful atmosphere. You may find you like it, you may have a spiritual experience and find the Lord! Tell a pastor, priest, nun or church leader about your feelings and experiences, they should be able to lend some wisdom.

They say the Christians have the power to rid your mind, your home, your life, your soul and spirit of anything paranormal that doesn't serve you or your family life. Try going to Church, listen to the message there and if nothing else relax, quiet your mind and enjoy the music and peaceful atmosphere. You may find you like it, you may have a spiritual experience and find the Lord! Tell a pastor, priest, nun or church leader about your feelings and experiences, they should be able to lend some wisdom.

It sounds to me like a phenomena commonly known as sleep paralysis. What happens to your consciousness inside this state can feel terrifying beyond reason, but it is nothing to be scared of and there are plenty of resources on the internet that can tell you how to deal with it; if you get proficient enough with your sleep activity it can even be flipped into a lucid dream, as the physical states are very similar.<br />
I know this because I myself fought against a similar affliction for months; feeling externally controlled by these mysterious figures that lurked over my body, having to scream as hard as i can in order to wake up. Now I am quite proficient at lucid dreaming and have not suffered an episode like this in over a year.<br />
..Trust me, research SLEEP PARALYSIS.

From what I have read on such topics it seems that such entities:<br />
1) Can only attack with"sympathy of vibration" (I.E you a have to have course energy (emotions) in your aura for them to latch onto)<br />
<br />
2) And also if your aura is in pretty bad shape this is a invitation.<br />
<br />
So I guess the best defense against this is to do some systematic "energy work" / chakra work... etc...(and or anything that makes you happy and positive emotionally would be of assistance as well)<br />
So as to clean and seal your aura and raise your frequency (psychic health) to a level where by depleted natural defenses do not make you an easy target.

Interresting responses from all of you. I guess I need to update here.... it's been a few years now, and my daughter has no more weird things going on in her room or in the house. I've never had an episode on myself since that fateful night as a teen. I never doubt the power of prayer, and so far, I've not had to use outside help on this. Let's hope it continues. :)

I am about to tell you what and how you should react to this situation. I have encountered these entities before. What you encountered is Mid level Demon. You are correct about one thing when you first encounter them they feed off emotion ( In most cases fear or anger) Now this next part I don't think you will like to hear however I hope it helps. That experience you encountered latched it to you. Sometimes these demons will lie in wait syncing that you are stronger than most and prey on those you love later in life. Once you have seen the other side unless you seek prayer and help it never goes away! If your daughter is experiencing things you are better to protect both her and you. there are some wards and blessings that can cause it to leave if you are interested. However my best recommendation is seek out a local priest or pasture that believes you and bless your home immediately. For now I recommend a bible in the rooms the entity is present this is know to help.<br />
<br />
God be with you...I will pray for your success!

You were right about the energy, in Islam it is believed that we have three parts, A body, A Soul, and a Self (Nafs), The soul is the spirit which departs the body upon death, but the Self (Nafs) is the other side of us, which serves Satan and tells us to do bad things, naughty things, encourages us to misbehave etc..<br />
This spirit can be strong in some people and can actually materialize into the kind of experience that you had with your brother, this is also connected with Evil eye or (Jealous Eye), when someone says what a lovely child and they immediately fall down, or what a lovely car and it subsequently breaks down, so this is a phenomenon which is widely accepted and although not completely understood, can affect some people quite badly, in fact although your brother had probably already forgotten the VCR incident, his Self (Nafs) had not and continued the dispute.<br />
Your soul wants to remain loyal to God, but your Nafs is loyal to Satan, it is our duty to ignore his suggestions, persuasions and try to remain on a straight and moral path.<br />
It doesn't matter whether you are Christian or Muslim, only that you believe in God, he and his army of angels will protect you from such episodes.<br />
The truth is , although there is so much controversy between Christians and Muslims, the only real difference is that although Muslims believe in Jesus and all of the other prophets, instead of praying to their Prophet, they pray direct only to God. (Cut out the middle man) !.<br />
<br />
Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth, and you can take it or eave it..<br />
God bless.

thats alot to go through. Have been through milder experiences. My 6 yr old daughter woke up one night screaming that her dad was falling down and bright lights were on him. Because I COULD not shut her up we got in the car and drove from Tampa,Fla and into a St.Petersburg Bar where in the parking lot a group of guys were in the process of beating him to death. This is a true story. I awoke in the night and drove 37 odd miles because this child kept insisting that her dad was falling down and could'nt get up.

salt spread it all over in the name of JESUS CHRIST the FARTHER SON HOLY SPIRIT my mom tauld me to use salt as a kid i have had some same thing happen to me as a kid pray is the way when i buy any used closed items if washing is required i put a littel salt in the wash

Unfortunately I have heard many similar stories. These type things have been going on for millenniums! <br />
<br />
The Bible is very clear on what or who causes these things:<br />
<br />
(Job 1:6-7) 6 Now it came to be the day when the sons of the [true] God entered to take their station before Jehovah (God), and even Satan proceeded to enter right among them. 7 Then Jehovah said to Satan: “Where do you come from?” At that Satan answered Jehovah and said: “From roving about in the earth and from walking about in it.” <br />
<br />
Luke 9:38-43 Revelation 12:7-9<br />
<br />
So the question is how to protect yourself from their attacks?<br />
<br />
<br />
If the demons harass you, you can call on Jehovah by name and he will protect you. (Proverbs 18:10) But in order for you to have God’s protection, you must completely break free from everything associated with spiritism and demon worship. Worshipers of God in ancient Ephesus did that. They collected all their books on magic and burned them. (Acts 19:19, 20) God’s servants today must do the same. Rid yourself of charms, amulets, “protective” strings, fetishes, magic books, and anything else connected with spiritistic practices.%<br />
<br />
<br />
(James 4:7) 7 Subject yourselves, therefore, to God; but oppose the Devil, and he will flee from YOU. <br />
<br />
There is a lot more if you want to know…just let me know.<br />
<br />

hadley blues hits a note for me!<br />
i belive we can transmite bad thoughts or energy!<br />
our thoughts can be recevied ,just like a radio picks up signals ,so do we ,we just dont kno w our abilitys, ive always belived we are like walking transmiters and receivers! <br />
many years ago a man i was working with often would do things that got up my nose!we were freinds to start out with,but his continual creeping to the boss made my start to dislike him,and other instances, i found that when i felt bad towards him he somehow would be really bitchey or like, i had a thought! as i didnt like feeling like this , what if i try and send him good loving thoughts? as a experiment! this was hard to do , as i was disliking him a lot, hey prestow! his reactions towards me changed,this is true! i belive we may not inted people harm but we have powerfull feelings of love and hate and they can be manifested or directed un wittingly,its a shame we all dont live in a loveing world!what wonderfull energy and feelings this would bring,insted of anger, greed ,power,thanks for reading,oh i do belive in good and evil also,but i dont think this was it,

Wow!!! I had something similar, but not as a teenager at all. It was like 5 years ago when I was 33. My husband was out of town on a business trip and I was home with my 2 sons (3 and 2 years old) . I didn't have a grudge against anybody and don't think anybody had anything on me. The experience was similar, terribly scary. For years I was afraid of sleeping when my husband was out of town and spent countless nights with all lights on feeling awful. I went to a espiritualist church where they gave a me a little prayer that I repeat ever since. I am not so afraid of dark any more but it has been a struggle.

Wow, is that someone's negative intention to you? I never seen it, but felt it. I usually say to it "please leave me alone" and it does. I know a very good psychic who told me pretty much what totoh82 said about them. They can't harm you. Maybe keeping cool and not resisting takes it's power away (???).<br />
<br />
All the best with that.

Wish I'D been the psychic, VFP... so I woulda known to avoid the situation! :/ lol

Wowweeewowwow! Sounds like something psychic for sure

Totoh, thank you for this reply. Interresting info you give there. COuld explain why I've never seen it again, since I prayed nightly for it NOT to return! But at the time it happened, I couldn't have asked/told it to leave if I wanted. I in fact tried to scream out... for my dad to help, but nothing came from my voice. I don't know if my vocals personally paralyzed at that time, or if the black void thing put us in a space of area that wouldn't allow noise to infiltrate. But that caused me even MORE fear when I realized I couldn't be heard and had to face the thing myself! :/

I'm fine! :) Want me to send my bad spirit in this story to the person??? :O lol. <br />
Seriously though... shake it off, girl! Ignore it. Surround yerself with possitive people! And rich or poor, it don't matter, cause rude behavior is no excuse for anyone! And I don't think yer nosy... just inquizitive! ;)

How are you? <br />
<br />
I was told "I'm judgmental and nosy" by a rich person who is member of E.P.

Why does that NOT surprise me, PT??? :O lol

mine could have been a **** off boyfriend. lol

Hi lee. THanks for the advise for others here that might encounter this. As for myself.... it's never occured again, so I'mma not worried about it. :)

Hi <br />
Spirits can cause all kinds of thoughts in our minds. They can cause families to be in disruption all the time. Go to a web site called and they will tell you what is going on and provive advise or protection if needed<br />
<br />

Soundfs pretty scarey E, but you seem not to have suffered

Ooooo how can you sleep???scaaaaaary

PT, are you sure we aint long lost twins?? :O We have some "creepy" like experiences!

i had this happen to me once Em, and i would tell her let me get up. and she refused to let me out of bed. i finally gave in. :)<br />
<br />
no seriously, once when i was very young. but i don't remember what brought it on.<br />
<br />
i felt that i had awaken from my sleep and i could see this dark shadow in front of me. I felt paralyzed and couldn't move. it was very frighten experience. When i finally did sit up in my bed i was motionless.<br />
I guess i drifted back to sleep after a while. i told my grandma about it and she said to pray that it was the devil. well freaking devil i guess has never left. lol thought i would share that with you.

It is so odd that you mention the sage, SHahkiah! I watched some movies just this weekend from Discovery Channel on hauntings. And burning sage was one of the most recommended things to do in the beginning. Unfortunately, THIS procedure only worked half the time! :/ The other common use was blessed salt water... and this too only helped a few times. I guess I was VERY lucky that my experience was stopped with prayer!

That is amazing! I would suggest buy some sage, smudge yourself and your kids. Your whole house, bless your doors, demand only peace and love and beautiful souls are only to what enters your home.<br />
Get yourself some sweet grass as well, hang it by your front door, this will catch anything that is trying to come in from anyone who enters your home. At the end of one month of having it hanging, burn it.

It had to have been your brother projecting his angry energy towards you. Teenagers and pre-teens have powerful emotional energies, and in some cases have been blamed for poltergeist activity. If your pre-teen daughter has been experiencing odd things I highly doubt it's a "demon" feeding off her emotional energy, but rather her own pent up emotional energy finding release. We humans have an abundance of that through our teen years...

Yes, Hadly... that was my suspicion then, it's STILL my theory. My brother was a pre teen at the time, around 10 as I recall. I hear that age group is HIGHLY susesptible to spiritual materials... esp. demons. Either way, this dark force I have no doubt was triggered by his intense anger and resentment at the time. <br />
Earlier someone asked WHY the anger over something like the VCR. Well.... because he was young, and we OVER react to things at that age, AND he was already angry over other issues that he spilled over into EVERY aspect of things going on around him.

my guess it was your brother somehow unconciously projecting his anger.....

One I'm not likely to forget in my lifetime, CJ! Thanks! :)

Amazing story.........GOD BLESS!!!.

YEs, ma'am! Prayer it was! :)

Very interesting story. After having many answered prayers, I firmly believe in a loving God, a Father in Heaven. I also believe in a devil and evil spirits. <br />
<br />
I have no doubt that prayer to God in the name of Jesus Christ and righeous deeds will help with this.

u poor lost soul u....."god"?

I've never heard of that before. I would know more about this if I talked to my mom...I'm sure she would know why that happened and what exactly it was. I know that my mom has seen demons...she's always said that praying makes them go away. Pray that they won't appear but if they do...pray when they are there. If the mass you saw was "evil" or something to that effect...I can see how praying would help.

I've never had anything like this happen to me. I don't know what I would do! I hope nothing like this happens to me. Why was your brother so angry about the VCR? That is an odd thing to be so angry about.


Spiritual gifts do tend to run in families....