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A t the age of 25, I woke up in a room and saw an old man standing at the doorway, staring at me. I yelled, "hey!" at him, perceiving him as an intruder in the house-and as soon as I said it, he charged my bed with amazing speed. I fell back in bed and threw my arms up to defend myself against an attack, and waved an arm at him to throw him away from me. My hand went through his face as he stood, staring down at me solemnly. Then he faded away very slowly.


A while later I would in my sleep hear a male European voice demanding my attention, commanding me to listen to him and promising me he would prove to me he exists. When in the same sleeping state I tried to ignore him, a weight settled over my stomache, making it impossible for me to breathe. It woke me up, fighting for breath. When I finally went back to sleep, the voice was back but eventually went away from my dreams.

Afterwards, making a personal choice, I went to somebody who hypnotized me and the results were confusing and intriguing at the same time.

The trusted friend that I went to to hypnotize me, I can only describe the events that followed as bizarre. I told him I was having dreams that came and went and thought I was troubled about something in the back of my mind. I wanted his help to find out what it was and sort it out for myself.Once he hypnotized me, I started hearing messages in my head, it was like listening to a radio on low volume. And I started telling him, the friend who hypnotized me, what these messages were. And as I was telling him what I heard, I suddenly started actually saying the messages myself without hearing them. At that point I angrily demanded who he was and asked, ' can you help me?'My friend was confused and said yes, if I wanted his help, he would help me. I said to him, ' no, I'm not asking for your help-he is. I think you need to bring me out of hypnosis now.' So my friend did just that.The second time I was hypnotized by the same friend, I heard the same voice becoming irritated, saying I was ignorant, a fool and just didn't know. It said I was not paying attention to him.At the time, I took hold of a pen and pencil and wrote something out. When my friend asked me what I had written, I read the writing out and said, ' be careful, I am not what you think.' My hypnotist friend brought me out of hypnosis immediately and I had to work hard to convince him to hypnotize me a third time to talk to this 'voice'-he didn't want to hypnotize me anymore but agreed reluctantly.In the third session, he addressed the voice in my head himself and asked questions. What did he want? Who was he? Why did he chose me to send messages through?The voice gave his name. The name was a German Jewish name. He said he talked to me because I can hear him.The next thing that happened was probably the strangest event. I saw a series of numbers in my head along with a partial address, and two names, one of which was female, the other, I assume, a last name.And I heard, 'find her', 'tell her I'm sorry.'That was the end of the third hypnosis session. The next day, I was absently flipping through the latest white pages edition and, just for the heck of it, looked up the name I'd heard the day before in the session. To my amazement, I found the last name, the series of numbers, and the address-all lined up together-in a certain person's name in a section of the yellow pages. I contacted my hypnotist friend and had him get his own copy of the white pages. When he looked up the address, he was also very surprised. He asked me if I was going to call the person.I said no, because what was I going to say? Somebody from the other side named so and so says hes sorry?I never called the person in the white pages.

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When you said "eight settled over my stomache, making it impossible for me to breathe" It made me wonder... Have you ever looked into the possibly that you maybe experiencing sleep paralysis? Espically since you describe these events during a half awake half asleep state. People who are affected typically complain of being awake but unable to move. Along with it, they often feel a negative presence is in the room (usually due to a previous life-like dream). Commonly, the affected person will try to breathe but they are unable because they feel weight on their chest. Either way I do think that, even if it were due to a condition, your subconscious may be more sensitive during those times. So you might be picking up on things that you were unable to in an awake state. How are things going now days? I just noticed this was written 2 years ago :)

It doesn't happen anymore. Too many other things going on at the moment. Thanks for asking and thanks for your post :)

@ An EP User- I thought it could be sleep paralysis also. I used to get that alot & it is very scary. I dont get it anymore or at least lately within the last few years. Your awake and see everything but cant move and you have a scared feeling that something is in the room and you cant move. I think it's just part of the brain is still asleep and part is awake. That's what causes the hallucinations. It's like dreaming while your awake. LOL

interesting stuff.

It sounds like the sc<x>ript of "Ghost" or "the sixth sense".....<br />
you should have called them....

Hey shaadar, it totally makes sense. And I agree with you that its better to keep away from such entities trying to intrude the way it happened to you. I would have dealt with it the way you had as well.

BIyabeyond blue, years later I told somebody about this incident and the man I told couldn't keep himself from calling up the person at the address. It's confusing because the person at the address did not know the woman's whose name that was conveyed to him. So I'm not sure if it was anything communicated from the other side, what was even expected of me. I would not have wanted to be a pawn in some entity's head game, though, and that's what it truly felt like at the time.

I wish you had called that person, at least anonymously from a payphone. It could make a huge impact on whoever this old man was apologizing too. And you wouldn't lose anything, its just a phone call.... i guess I'm trying to convince you to still do it lol

This is a very interesting story, are u still living in the house with that entity? And I was also watching a show on youtube about hypnotism yesterday, it's fascinating process to go through, I want to get <br />
hypnotised too just to see what it's like lol