Scared Of My Own 'gifts'

I'm only in my late 20's, but I've been through a lot. And I'm starting to believe that the more you experience life, the more your mind grows and is open to the 'third eye'. I've always knew I had psychic skills. But as I get older they are getting deeper. I go to bed at night praying not to see what I know I can see. I feel energy off of others and places. I'm extremely sensitive to all my surroundings. I wake up between 3am-4am every night, sometimes scared and unable to go back to sleep, and sometimes just frustrated. The more I read about paranormal experiences, the more I can relate and learn. Its something that's starting to over take my life, and I was told by a psychic I should learn to meditate, but I scared of what I might hear or see if I meditate. I don't know where to go with this from here. My boyfriend does not understand any of this stuff at all, so I cant even talk to him about it. I need some guidance. 

marie29moon marie29moon
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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

First off calm down and secondly learn to control your gifts. Seek the assistance of someone who also shares the gifts you have. And ask them for advice on how to learn to control them your gifts that is. Once you gain control you can then actively choose when you see what you do and when you do. Calming down and remaining calm are absolutely crucial to learning how to control these gifts. So master that first and the rest will come to you in time

I have seen lots of sites on the net that deal with opening your chakras,and meditations maybe you could have a look at those.In England in spiritualist churches,they have developing circles that you can attend in order to open you up to spirit.I hope you find some help in your quest.