Life-long Experience

I've always had experiences, not because Im psychic or anything, just because in both homes Ive lived in, plus my Aunt's house, there has always been something else there as well. In the short version: when I was an infant our dog nor I would enter the back end of our current house because I was afraid of the man I saw there (mother told me this). Temporay house in PA, my brother nor I would go upstairs and would only sleep in the playroom on the first floor, because we said the mean old lady didnt want us up there (my mother said she was always confused about that b/c the upstairs was completely emptied).

We've moved back to home number one, and currently reside there. We've seen shadows near the back end of our house, hear voices and music, mirrors fall and things get moved, three out of my five member family has heard my name being called -and once my sister's name.

We know its a young boy named Joshua (I dreamt he told me his name when I was young- three weeks later my mother found an old toy car with Josh carved into it in the attic). Theres also an old man and his black dog. We've seen these spirits, and children (my mother used to babysit) used to point to things we couldnt see. "I dont want to pee theres a man in there"--seven yr old, or "can i pet the puppy?"--my three yr old cousin.

Theyre not harmful, though they tend to frighten us when we're caught of guard. I have so many experiences, I could list forever. Of course, I love hearing other peoples experiences too

KitMarlowe KitMarlowe
22-25, F
Feb 20, 2010