Psychic Ablitys

 Unlike most of you who seem to hope you dont have these ablitys I do, and I embrace them. They were off and on since I was little but ever since I hit purbity. Ghosts seek me out. Most of them just want to be let go. When I think of my ablitys I know that I have to wear gloves all the time, because if I dont I'll be seeing peoples past, present, and future like24/7. And I hope I dont touch other people because if I do I can also listen to what their thinking. And if you want to find out the extint of your ablitys just calm down, look deep insde of your self. And who knows mabie your like me.


P.S. it helps if your listening to slow, soothing music.

scareddreamer scareddreamer
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010