Spirits All Around Us!

Since I was a small child I have seen spirits and angels. We lived in a neighborhood that it was whispered was built on top of an old graveyard. I don't know if its true, but at the library a friend and I found an old map of the neighborhood from the early 1920's and yes there was a graveyard and we asked where did they move the graves and we were told what graveyard?? The old neighborhood was full of poor blacks some of them were decendants of former slaves, so to me it made sense if the officials couldn't answer where the graves were. However back to the point, since a little girl living in that neighborhood I saw "people", some wanted to play with me and some wanted me to do things for them. Once a little boy showed up in my room and wanted to play and I went and asked my mom could I play with him and she came to my room and saw that I was by myself and she asked me where he was and I said he was over by the bed and she looked at me and said well if he comes back tell him you can't play with him. Well after a few minutes of being alone I saw this brightness again out the corner of my eye and I turned around and the boy was there. I told him my momma said I couldn't play with him and he said okay and he left. I honestly believe he was saddened by not being able to play with me. I told my mom what happened and I told her it made him sad. That wasn't the first time I saw spirits or strange things happening, but it doesn't make me scared like some of my dreams do. It surprises me to see them out of the blue like that, but its been happening for years now so I've learned to accept the pop ups. For the best part, none of my experiences with the spirits have been painful or harmful to me (mentally or physically), I thank God for that and I hope I don't meet any bad ones either. I don't know how to handle that. Hope I won't have too.
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LOL No, brainscanhug I am not lying. When I was a child they happened when I was alone playing by myself. No stimulents. As an adult I saw spirits alot in my old apartment and now that I have moved I just see angels especially when I am sad or upset. They walk past me mostly. I wouldn't lie about something like this and I appreciate you asking about it. That's cool of you! They occur mostly at night, but I have had a couple during the day and they are mostly warnings that I thank God that I have avoided. I hope I have answered your questions, if not just let me know and I'll try again.

That's interesting. The possibility that you are lying aside, visual hallucinations are not typical. Can you think of some sort of stimulus that usually precedes one of your visions? Do they occur at certain times during the day? Or are they more or less random?

I will check her out, Thanks for the 411!

Have you done more research on the topic? You should google Allison Dubois. I have had the same experiences myself. Her experiences will help you understand yours better. (I think so anyway)