Some Dreams Are Warnings

Very recently, I had quite the experience. I am 19 weeks pregnant right now, and this experience occured when I was in my first two months of pregnancy. I was having these really scary nightmares that would always have demons in them and I would always be fighting them in one way or another. I would see myself surrounded by demonic men with their eyes literally burned out and bloody scratches on their faces. I would be praying to God in the nightmares and then I would usually wake up soon after feeling very anxious and scared.These nightmares would be followed by ones where I would be in this house and walk into a room and see the father of my baby in a bed in his boxers and he smelled of sex and then I would hear this evil womans laughter. I attributed these nightmares to my hormones and bodily changes that every pregnant woman has, but I soon found out otherwise. I gave the father of my baby a ride and he ended up leaving his phone in my car. I later saw his phone on the passenger side floorboard and looked at it's contents. I was crushed to find out by looking at his text messages that he had lied to me about everything! He had relapsed and was back on meth,shooting up, and he was cheating on me with some meth *****. I destroyed his phone and when I saw him again I informed him of my discovery and ended things for good. Guess what, I have not had one single nightmare since. Coincidence? I think not.

Meth is the devil.
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MyDearMariee what exactly do you mean when you say the single most important date in your life?I am interested to know more about your experience:)