High Pth Level

Hi:  I was diagnosed with Parathyroid Disease a few years ago.  After being sent for 2 scans, they showed  nothing, and the doctor just said it was due to the kidneys.  My kidney functions are normal, but my GFR runs around 50 and normal is 60. I also have Leukemia, and other health issues.  I basically have not addressed the Parathyroid Problem with a Endocriologist. I developed a calcium deposit on my collarbone area after having some pain.  They found Torticollis, Tendonitis, Arthritis.  The pain has gotten better , but I still have the lump in the front of my neck.  Right now I am undergoing some other testing.  I just want to know if a Calcium Deposit could form due to the malfunctioning of the Parathyroid.
I have too many health problems to list.  Just want to go to the right place first to get the most important care I need.
sija sija
61-65, F
Mar 12, 2011