How To Get All The Medical Tests You Crave

I've been through test after test--and at least everything else was okay!  I'm seeing an endocrine surgeon this Thursday, December 31, I think. I just had an ultrasound of the whole area today which he'll look at. 

The way I found out: Some strange things have been happening to my fingernails, so I went to the doctor, who rec'd some blood tests, which found I had high calcium.  So then I had a parathyroid test, and that was high too.  Then I had a very expensive test involving radioactive particles, but they said I still would not be able to cook food by just holding it.  JUST A JOKE--although I did make that joke with the technician, the parathyroid problem is real.  There was a small adenoma that showed up.

The regular doctor said that since the condition wasn't causing any serious problem (bones were only very slightly depleted, no abnormal kidney lab results) maybe I should just wait and get blood tests often, but I'm not so sure.  Waiting until the thing causes damage doesn't sound so good.  And right now, we know I'm healthy in the other ways, so the surgery, probably minor, probably would cause no problem.

Maybe I'll find out some things on Thursday that'll help with decision-making. 

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1 Response Dec 29, 2009

I think what U said at the end about not waiting to see what happens is the right thing to do. getting the right diagnoses is very frusterating, But at least U've gotten some type of an answer. I'm glad to hear that U are in a healthy state. And thank U so much for ur comment it really means a lot. =)