Most Confusing

I always knew my parents would get a divorce, since the age of 5 to be exact and I'm gonna be 22 soon.  They had seperated twice, he's a nasty drunk and when he drinks he gets angry.  The last time he had hit my mom and me he had been drinking, he was bashing her head into the floor and choking her, all because she told me he had had an affair with a man.  Now that I know he's bi I don't really care and all, if he has sex with a man it's whatever, but he's still living in our house and he is having sex with a woman.  He says he can't trust my mom but will tell her that he's doing this and lies to my face about where he gets these bite marks all over.  He is still drinking and now it's the galavanting around that's troubling.  See he has no job so he's using my mom's money for this beer and all this.  He treats her like **** and I'm not allowed to defend her because she wants everything to go "smoothly".  She calls this smoothly?!  My mom's getting the divorce because he's been so nasty since he got layed off.  He got layed off because I'm sure they smelled the alcohol on his breath since he told me he recently started going to work with a few drinks in him.  All he does is drink and go on a bi website.  She got tired of that and he's faulting her?!  I don't understand this at all and it's getting to me because I have to be quiet and I am not a quiet person.  If I'm pissed at you you know, that's the kind of person I am.  I'm just really hurting right now and have no outlet.

idiotmonkey12 idiotmonkey12
22-25, F
Mar 6, 2010