Paronychia Home Remedy- Easy And Quick To Cure Paronychia

I have a bad habit, i bite my nails, sometimes i bite my nail too hard and then the next day paronychia appears. My great grandma and everybody in my family always use the same home remedy for decades, and it always works, no antibiotics, just warm somewhat hot water and pure lime juice or lemon juice.

1- Half glass of warm water -somewhat hot ( but not too hot that your normal finger cant bear it)
2- Mix it with lemon juice from 1 lemon (lime juice from 2 limes), you can soak the lemon or limes too in the glass.
3- Soak your swollen finger into the glass , you will suddenly feel that your swollen finger is becoming more painful while soaking, it is very painful but that how it works curing your paronychia.
- Hold it until the pain is gone and you got your swollen finger a little numb, do it a few times, the pain and the numbness will be gone soon after you finish the treatment, if the pain still remains, repeat it from the first step.

I have done this many many times, and it always worked, my husband was skeptical about this home remedy and he couldn't believe it when i showed him my swollen finger totally recovered on the next day!
This home remedy is very famous in Indonesia and it is considered ancient home remedy for paronychia. I am not saying anybody with paronychia 'MUST' do this treatment.
I just feel the need to share this tips with people who seek home remedy for paronychia, as I always find useful tips people share.
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Thank you so much! I have been struggling with the pain for a while now but your cure has given me so much relief! :)

I have tried this and got amazing results. Previous night, I could not sleep due to extreme pain, but after following your method, I had a very nice sleep last night, thank you so much for sharing your experience.Razak.from India.