15 Year Old W/ Pkd

Since last year I have been diagnosed with this. I was 13 at the time (just before my 14th) I think but I noticed the symptoms ever since I moved to Scotland from Thailand when I was 6 years old. Already I was different but this made me feel more alone.
I've had it for around 9 years now and I've never met anyone with the same thing and I was hoping it would, in some way, help me.
At first I began trying to diagnose myself, trying to find a label. A label meant someone else out there had it too and it kind of gave me hope. At one point I even thought I had Tourette's. It was hard telling anybody because I didn't want to burden them and I still don't. When I finally got the courage, nobody believed me. I was constantly bullied by my sister at home and separated from other children in primary school, making me become a speculation. There just wasn't any time to be myself.
Having PKD has made me mature a lot faster than I would have without, I think. It's made me a lot stronger anyway so the little things just don't bother me anymore (: Last year I began taking Tegretol - which you're probably already familiar with. They worked pretty well to begin with. It's helping me control them but some days are worse than others. Next year I'm having a little trial off them to see how I cope. I'm quite anxious to see if I have improved at all.

For now I'm just trying to enjoy the fun times that come by and right now I'm aiming my studies to becoming a psychologist because I love studying about human behavior and the subconscious mind. I've never seen any teenagers on Youtube or blogs write about having this, only adults so I don't know how I can relate however I am comforted by reading these stories just to remind myself that I'm never alone. It's kind of late at the moment, I don't like doing this kind of thing in front of my mum, I hate to worry her, so I'm hoping my story makes sense.
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Hi, I'm 19 and I was born with the condition. In the UK at the time I was diagnosed, there was only 2 of us that had been diagnosed with the rare condition we have. Growing up with it has been really hard, I struggle to sleep due to bad 'fits' sometimes. It's so weird to think there's people out there that 'get it', but as a teenager you will start and find that there are people in the world that are actually worth letting them know all about it. I know how frustrating it's been for me as a near adult. I still don't have the confidence to find out if I'm allowed to drive. Hope this helps :)

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Hi my daughter is 6 and she was diagnosed with PKC since age 3 .