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I have not been official diagnosis yet, but I am sure this is what i am dealing with. I have wrist drop (parlayed wrist and hand) due to what I believe is my first attack 25 weeks ago. My question is about back pain, have any of you had horrible lower back pain with this?
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i was diagnose with PTS in may 2012, all i feel is pain...on my right arm, shoulder, and shoulder blade is sticking out

Issues with your back are not as common as pain in shoulders, but that does not mean it is not related. PTS can impact any of the Plexus sites in the body from the cervical plexus down to the lumbar and sacral plexus. Some doctors may have a problem with that, and they would for sure want to test to rule out other issues. I have had two documented attacks, and possibly a couple of others not documented, and I have lower back problems. Not so much pain directly, but extreme weakness and lower back is very prone to fatigue after only a few minutes of use. Some of my back pain I think has been due to my remaining muscles that are not impacted directly by PTS having to over-work to compensate and try to rebalance the rest of my body in the areas that are impacted by PTS.