Why Me, Why Now...

I was diagnosed with PTS almost a year ago, I had'nt even heard of this stuff, like most people with the disease I had severe neck and shoulder pain after a bout of Stomach Flu, then after seeing the Chriropractor, then Orthopedic Specialist, and finally the Neurologist, I was told I had Brachial Plexopathy or Parsonage Turner Syndrom, great, losing the use of my Left Arm (and I'm Left handed of course), had to stop working, no Insurance to pay for Doctors let alone treatment, so here I am disabled at 49 waiting on the Social Security Administration to declare me "Disabled" so I can recieve 1/3 of what I could earn when I was working. Not quite how I envisioned my life turning out....I am a Christian, and I KNOW God will take care of me, cause he has'nt let me down so far, but I gotta admit that this disease is the hardest thing I've ever gone through, the pain I can handle, its the frustration of being a one armed man that gets so old so fast...so thats my story, how does it end?...only time will tell.
tim5150 tim5150
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

How are you doing now? I hope the pain has eased some for you and you are gaining some strength back.