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I'm an 18 year old male that was completely turned around due to this. I was an extremely active male,played lacrosse in school, and worked out strictly due to my line of work, hardwood flooring. I had recently been side lined from a surgery needed to correct a knee issue I acquired in a motorcycle wreck. I began to develope pain in both my shoulders and neck (as many others have). But I assumed it was from the surgery as I had to sleep awkwardly which could cause a muscle strain. This pain came on 4 weeks after my surgery. One day I awoke and was terrified I couldn't move right arm. I had a check up appoint for my knee that day so I took the moment to tell my surgeon. He told me to use a walker instead of my crutches because the trauma from my crutches could possibly have given me "crutch palsy" I did as he said and that instantly stopped my pain in my left shoulder and neck. Sadly the damage was already delt to my right arm, so no recovery. After 2 more weeks the pain finally subsided but still no motor function I since returned to low activity work while I waited for my nurologist appointment . As the time came I had my tests done and the dr. Was shocked he told me I have a rare condition called Pts. I initially thought my youth and the lifestyle I lived was gone forever until I was assured I can recover as of now my arm has been limp for almost 2 months now but I preform a deltoid fly to a measly 10-15 degree angle (still more that was able weeks prior). I understand that I'm early in the stages and plan to start physical therapy for my arm. At the moment I'm doin the same for my knee. Will update as soon as more results occur.
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Hey, how are you doing?

Hi . we have just returned from our specialist who has confirmed our 16 year old has PTS.
A promising AFL player and sports tragic I'm not sure it has sunk in yet.How are you doing?

Watch out on tendency to want to exercise. It is easy to over do exercise and cause more damage than good. This needs rest and range of motion exercise. Strength things, as tempting as they are to prove you are over it, may not be beneficial.