Probation Period On New Jobs...

Yes, they suck!  Big time!  But it's something that we all go through when being hired for a new job.

I have been working at the same place for almost 2 years now.  The first 6 months I worked there as a temp from an agency. 

Then I applied and got a 1 year term contract position and that started on April 1/08.  About 5 months later, a permanent position came up and I applied and got that! 

However, there was a six month probation period where they could let me go anytime, even though I am part of the union.  That sucks!

I had my review yesterday and completed my 6 month probationary period successfully! I was so happy - I really love working there.  But honestly, after being there for over a year, you would think they would have waived the probation part!  But they didn't.

Because they didn't waive the probation, I started my 2nd business - an online website.  I wanted something that I could run and make some money at if I was let go for any reason.

My site is up and running, and believe it or not, I built it myself!  I am not a computer whiz but it was pretty easy!

Well, I just wanted to tell you all about my experience with this job - and my business!

If anyone is interested in looking at my website, email me and I'll give you the site (because I'm not sure if I can put it here).



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I need some advice on mine..I'm Joing a new Area/Trade for me(Sheet MEtal) and I want to pass it so that I can get my aprenticeship and then get my ticket..BUT..I'm NERVEIOUS AS ****...I've never done Sheet metal b4 and the job they have me doing is also REALLY nerve Racking for me(they want me to drive a truck around and delvier/pick up orders for the shop) and..I'm nervious because i have to do it all in a time limit and make sure I go to the right places(i've lived in the city for 20 years but I'm not too Fimuliar with this area I didn't want to admit it cause I needed work/this job BADLY) And every day I get an order to drop off i'm nervious..They've given me a GPS to help but..It's still nerve racking...How can I get through this with out either A being Fires or B quiting..which i might do(even though I don't want to) because i'll be frustrated and too nervious,

for all to see and and check out - not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but here goes:<br />
<br />
my site is<br />
<br />
You can email me through that site! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks LV! I do enjoy my job - and love the enviroment so much to this point anyway!

Congratulation, probation does suck, but that's the rule in almost every firm.<br />
<br />
Wish you luck with both

Thanks Fungirl!! I enjoy doing both!

Congratulations on your new business and your probation milestone. I hope you continue to succeed at both.