hello everyone
I have pcos i got told when i was 19 now i am 26 i got pregnant when i was 25 i have a lovely baby boy now he is nearly 7 months old  he is just the best thing in my life i got told i could never have a baby so i alway thougth that i will never be a mummy how i found out i was pregnant i was in a lot of pain wiv my teeth i was always bein sick i was so shock that i was havin a baby i was always on pins when i was pregnant cos i was so scard that i wod loss it at 25 weeks i started bleeding i was cryin i cud not talk to the hosptial i was to upset but i went in for a check up and i hear my baby heart beat i cool down then midwife said everythink is gonna be ok so keep me in over nyt then i had my scan the nxt day from then on my baby moved loads of time i cud not wait to have my baby i did not know wot i was havin cos i did not find out that was best i every done is not find out cos i was over the moon when my baby boy come in to my life so cos i houth i cud not have a baby i did not think about it and i went on a diet aswell i was think that help me get pregnant i cud not eat much as i was always bein sick dnt think my son like the food i was eatin lol. i got test when i was 19 had a scan and blood test never got any help wiv it of my doc but from 19 i put on a lot of weight and my hair was alway fallin out i am still losin my baby weight has i was had a big belly when i was pregnant but my baby boy was on 6.7 half little tiny baby boy i am goin to a clinc called  THE BODYLINE CLINC and i am lossin my weight now sooo girls dnt every give up hope cos one day you will have your little baby but i found out that lossin weight and eat healt have a lot sex.  i got cuz who got pcos she got 4 kids now and mate who got it she got one kid but she thinkin of having a other one now. i got told that when you had ya baby pcos goes cos ya baby take it a way i found that out the other day so i am gonna go doc and ask them to test me again and i  am hoping it gone .

never give up HOPE

thanx you gemma :)
tivenan1 tivenan1
26-30, F
Jul 18, 2010