Period From Hell.

I was diagnosed with PCOS at age17. My symptom then was a 3 day to non existant period. Woohoo! I felt like I had won  mother nature's secret lottery. Then I hit my twenties and everything went haywire, depression, 24-7 PMS and heavy bleeding that lasted between 2weeks- a month. The contraceptive pill; prescribed to regulate my menses brought on weight gain and loss of libido. I felt that the pill did more harm than good so I opted for a natural alternative. Shepherd's purse use to help with the heavy blood flow but I don't know what's happening lately. I am making a conscious effort to restructure my diet because I know it plays a crucial part in trying to get healthy. I have had my period for almost a month now and it's making me buggy! I am just researching everything about PCOS under the sun cause I really want to start a family. I am frustrated and sometimes I feel like kicking my va-jay-jay to the curb but we've been through too much together : ). I am just praying for a miracle.
rayray1980 rayray1980
26-30, F
Aug 11, 2010