My Pcos Story

When I was 21 and trying to get pregnant, I kept searching the web for the reasons it wouldn't happen.  I was 21, newly married and wanted kids so bad.  But no matter how much we tried, nothing came of it.  One of my web searches turned up PCOS, I knew I had several of the symptoms, but dismissed it because I was young and invisible to disease.

Fast forward to age 31.  I had my third baby and was at my top weight.  I had acne like a teenager and my hair is falling out.  I have awful periods and only get them about every 3 months.  Something isn't right.  I had just had a tubal with my last baby and attributed the changes in my body to that.  A trip to the Dr. and she took one look and said, I bet you have PCOS.  I was shocked.  I knew what it was and wish I had done something at age 21.  She did blood work and sure enough, PCOS with IR.  Thus the weight gain. 

I am now on Metformin since July 07.  I am doing better, have normal cycles,  acne is almost gone,  now I am stuck with my hair falling out and the other hair issues that go with PCOS.  I am not sure how to solve them.  I don't know anyone who has and I wish I did.  IF anyone out there can help, I would be most appreciative.  I have lost almost 30 lbs since getting on the drugs and my health is improving slowly.  I just feel 31 is so young and I want to get my life back. 
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What really helped me for acne is fish oil. I use to get really bad acne until I started using fish oil. Now I'm dealing with hair on my face. I'm thinking of doing lazer. Some lady posted some where online about using baking soda to wash your scalp. She said her hair was growing back.

So how did you get babies without being medicated???

i am 28 and i had irregular periods all my life.i was also diagonsed with pcos and IR.and i am trying for a baby now and i was really desperate.i tried the south beach diet and by the end of first phase my sugar numbers were great.i did daily 30 min elliptical too 5 days a week.if anyone havent tried this ,i would suggest sbd,because this a more of changing lifestyle for pcos and diabetic it would be good in a long run.

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I'm new to this site. I am beginning to wonder if I have PCOS. I was off B/C for 9months, trying to get pregnant. I went through hell being off of it. I gained so much weight, my skin was SO oily, acne was all over my face and body, depression, blood sugar problem. <br />
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I made myself get back on the pills because my skin was not getting any got worse and worse. I was so embarrassed of my appearance. My self-esteem was so low. I felt really ugly. I just got off the pill and I am nervous that I will go throught the same thing. I can't stay on the pill forever though! <br />
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I went to the gyn/ob doc a few weeks ago and he never mentioned the possibility that I may have PCOS. <br />
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I read the symptoms for them....<br />
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I think I need to schedule another appointment and bring that up to the doctor.<br />
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What treatments do they give you guys, diet? Anything I can do at home for myself as well??<br />
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I am in the same boat, they want me to lose weight, which as you know with PCOS is very hard to do. I am down 25lbs now and have been on weight watchers for 16 weeks today. Do the math, its not good. I am trying so hard, walking and eating right, have not had fast food in months, and I am still losing hair where i need it and growing it where I dont... This disease is a big battle and I am losing my will to fight. I would do anything to be a normal woman.

I have battled the same issues sence I was in my teens. And still batteling. The most recent Dr. I have put me on the Metformin . But I had some kind of reaction to them . So now he's got me on Thyroid meds asn SWEARS if I lost weight I would see the results .<br />
I am beginning to wonder. I have lost 45 lbs thus far. But My hair is thinning among other things. That hasn't corrected.