Pcos And Depression???

Recently Ive been feeling really depressed, like crying and getting really bad anxiety. i become really upset with what pcos has done to my body (weightgain, stretch marks) and just overall upset with everything. Is depression and pcos linked??? or does anyone else feel this way?? cause its awful
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I am a 13yr old girl suffering from Pcos. Trust me it's not easy but life moves on. I am so unfortunate to say that I am unlucky enough to be 1 of the millions of beautiful girls who are catagorised by this damn syndrome!

Ive been feeling the same way. I feel like when diagnosed with pcos doctors mainly focus on the physical side effects but don't really emphasise what ur in for hormonally. I'm 17 and I am more than happy with my life, I love my friends and family but everyday I feel like I'm alone and depressed. It's absolutely horrible! Been on so many hormone treatments and it's all too much.

your not alone.......... please no that

Yea that goes hand in hand with pcos. I personally don't have the cash flow to afford the meds and no insurance, so I just live with the rather bad depression.

Hey I am in the same boat :( I have had depression for many years tho and just found out in the last year or so that I had PCOS. It helped explain a lot. I thought it was just me and why couldn't I lose weight like everyone else. After learning about pcos and trying to take it under control I have lost a bit of weight but still feel the same way. The depression is like....crippling I completely understand. Here if you need to chat! You may want to talk to your doctor. I am on meds for my depression and it really helps.

yeah they are linked... having PCOS means there is a greater chance of clinical depression. I only know that because my doctor said it and CAMHS said about it too... but it usually takes more than the PCOS to set it off generally, is there something you're unhappy about in your life other than the PCOS, you could just be generally miserable about something? *shrugs* even if it is clinical depression there are things to help, ask a doctor.