I Consider It a Curse.

   Where do I begin with this. As young as I was to say 8 or 9. I remember waking up in my sleep and hurting so bad I would cry. Momma said "OH its growin pain" I would be walking in the groc. store or out playing and I would double over with pain.Still being told (even by the Dr) that " You're ok your just growin!" .
When I was 15 I got sick. High fever , pains like I have had what seems my whole life. Well this time it was my appendix. If I had been 30 min. later I would have died they said.
ANYWAYS.... When they got inside to take my appendix out there was a problem with my left ovary. 1. It was enlarged. Dr said ... " her overies should be the size of a small lemon. BUT they are as big as grapefruits. " 2. There where several cyst covering that one ovary.
Dr said that is probably what had given me so much pain when I was younger. Momma gives him the ok to remove the cyst and "TRY" to reduce they size of my ovary. They said they cut wedges out the overie and sewed then back together reducing the size.He did caution us that the cyst could come back.
( My cycle started when I was nine. Then as I got older I had fewer of them. I have gone a yr or longer with out a period if I don't take meds )
Sure enough almost a year exactly, I was hurting and doubling over with pain. Went to the Dr that found the problem to begin with. He did tests... he found more cyst but this time on the right & overies enlarged once again. So here I go again back in the hospital to have my right ovary taken care of.
They still didn't diagnose me with PCOS then. They did not warn me of anyother signs to watch for. All I was told " Don't expect to have children, we actually recommend a hysterectomy. But your mother will not agree with that at this time."
  I thank GOD everyday that they where wrong on that.Because my daughter is the best thing in my life.
I am 38 now. I wonder still WHY didn't they give me more info.
  I couple of years ago I started hurting again & went to a differant Dr , she had ran test and did the blood work and a week later told me I did in deed have PCOS.She told me it is very important that I cut carbs and lose weight. I would see wonders if I followed her orders. 
   I have lost quite abit of weight. Now I am still waiting for the wonders.
PCOS is not just a strain Physically. But emotionally as well.

  I know there are differant stages of PCOS. For the ladies that do suffer with Hirsutism, &  I know I can't speak for everywoman but feel that this is a very emotional thing . Our bodies don't want to funtion like they should. From our hormones, to our once beautiful hair is falling out and NOW we are Getting HAIR WE DON'T Want.
  MEN and KIDs have been the most inssensitive that I have ever seen . The Kids , I can over look. Because they probably wasnt taught any better. I have had a child in my family to ask me questions. Once I explained it was not something I could help or somethink I like at all. She was differant in a good way. She had been "mis-informed" all together .
  The MEN... may I say this... WE DID NOT CHOOSE to have hair to grow where it shouldn't.  We know what we look like and where we have hair or  the lack there of. If there where a magic pill to make it all go away don't you think WE'D  all be taken it.
 Recently ... (meaning with in the past yr) I have been cutting carbs, dieting , exercising and losing the weight.Taking my meds everyday. My cycle has become pretty regular over the last 10-11 months. Also I had read an artical "Spearmint Tea May Reduce Hirsutism in PCOS "
Stating "The researchers state that "spearmint can be an alternative to antiandrogenic treatment for mild hirsutism."
At the time there was not a LOT of info on it. It just said 2 cups a day for 5 days. So I just started drinking it. All the time.
I have noticed a great differance. 
Here is one of the links I found it on in case any one is interrested. 
   Just don't let you men drink it . FOR REAL  it can interfer with their libido and reproduction function.
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I am 43 now. I have battled with this since my early teens. I too was told I would not have children. When I was 25, my Dr at the time had put me on a hormone with testosterone in it to regulate my periods. It was when I was taking that I had conceived my daughter. Also to respond to Lisha... I know how hard it is. No one understands it unless they go through it themselves. I don't know who is more cruel , Kids or grown men. I have had some kids act like they are scared of me. I have heard men on the check out line make loud comments about me. My family is so loving and tell me not to worry and it is not a big deal. As much as I try to remove the unwanted hair... there is nothing that has worked completely. I have me cross dressers that have better luck. I just have never had the nerve to ask them how they do it. : )

I too feel like it is a curse!! It literally sucks physically and emotionally and no one else truly understands they think I'm crazy for feeling the way I do.. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for posting this. I'm willing to try anything! It's so hard to feel attractive when you have dark hairs showing up on your face.

I am glad to hear you had a child. Cutting wedges out of your ovaries likely helped. The speramint tea is interesting. I will have to try that, my facial hair is getting worse. I pluck them, it's pain full but better then ingrown hairs from shaving. I will likely never have children because I can't afford medical care, and we don't want to try any fertility treatments other then maybe pills. I'm sorry to hear about the pain it causes you. I've never had pain from it, and they have never found any cysts on my ovaries, I don't know how I can be poly cystic with out any cysts... but I'm not a doctor either. When did you have your child? Where you older or younger? I've heard that the older you get the more likely you will get pregnant but the less likely it will be healthy.

When I was younger I even went through waxing to remove the unwanted hair. Now I do not want it to get long enough for that. My child has gotten made fun of because I have facial hair. It breaks my heart. I worry to that it may be hereditary.I was 25 when I got pregnant. And I was actually on medication to regulate my periods. And my boyfriend at the time was suppose to be sterile too.Maybe having a baby was just meant to be . Now that I am in my 40's I do not want any more kid's . Luckily my daughter was very healthy and is almost 17 yrs old. But she is showing signs of the same thing.

I cant get prego again i miscarried 6years ago, and have been trying ever since to get prego again. metformin makes me sick. the only thing to make me have pds is BCp and well that means i cant get prego.

i was diagnosed with pcos last year and i am very worried i will never conceive i have been trying with my partner for 2 years now and now luck.. all i ever wanted to be was a mother since i was young and it is killing me to think i might never be... every time i see a baby i crave for it to be mine or when i see a pregnant woman i crave for her belly to be mine.. it is really getting me down and i dont know how i will ever get over it if i can never be a mother.. do ye know anything to help>>

Have as much unprotected sex as you can. Also I hear some forms of birth control pills can regulate your period, thus making it easier to get pregnant if you are not cautious. But in due time, you will be a mommy. Hang in there.

I have what you have and call PCOS, and I didn't plan (or expect) to become a mommy but I did.

My dr. put me on metformin and I haven't had any problems. I don't want to have children but that is a different story. I have started making a concsious (spelling?) effort to lose weight and have lost 12 pounds this year...gradually going down. <br />
<br />
I have the hiritusim (or however it is spelled)...just a little under my chin/neck region. Yes, it can be irritating to deal with but I just take care of it when I shave my legs. Actually, I probably take a razor to the neck area more than I do my legs. Like I said, it may be a little irritating but it takes less than 30 seconds to get rid of it. My hair doesn't come out any more than it did before going on metformin. Of course, I have a thick head of hair. <br />
<br />
I don't think of it as a curse. I guess I'm just on the low end of it...of having PCOS. I'm sorry that you've had problems with people being insensitive.


I am Metformin also but I take it for my blood sugar. Haven't had a change in the hair growth while taking them . I wish mine was low-end. I have the facial hair, chest and stomach and on my back. I feel like a freakin animal. I

I know exactly how you feel. No one ever understands...sad but true.

Me getting preg. happened while I was on meds for regulating my periods. When I went to my Dr. he said "he thought he'd told me not to have unprotected sex while taking this" I am racking my brain trying to think of it. I remember it was horomone relacement. I will get back to you on that. I will think of it when I am trying not to.<br />
I hope ya'll conceive soon. I know it's rough.<br />
I did not like the Metformin. It made me sick. And a very dry mouth.