Since 15

I was diagnosed with pcos/pcod since i was 15 years old. I thought there was something wrong with me because I had hirsutism. I thought i might be a guy on the inside and a girl on the outside. My mother entertained me on this thought ( I had already reached puberty, and she decided NOT to remind me of this).

i went to the drs. they put me on birth control pills for it, it was pcos and thus my hirsutism.

I managed it well until I got to college. I binged and NOT purged there. I put on 40 pounds. at age 15 i went from 184 to 135. so now i was up to 175. I got married had kids. I lost all but 11 pounds after my son was born. got pregnant after 3 months pospartum. I lost all but 15 pounds after they were born. then I gained 20# in 2 or the 3 weeks. and the weight just escalated out of no where. up and up and up.

now here I am at 241.4 and trying to lose slowly but surely. its a rough and hard battle. (i'm down from 248. my goal is to get down to 240 by dec. 31, pray for me!).

so thats my story and i'm sticking to it.


****UPDATE***** 3/31/2012

I have been on metformin for almost 2-3 weeks right now. Although, being sick has stalled my progress. but i have no doubt that in a day or so, I can resume exercising again.  and my weightloss will hit 20pounds soon. I am very looking forward to it. 
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Good luck, I hope you can achieve your goal.

Hope all is going well and will continue to go well.

what is pcos/pcod

polycystic ovarian syndrome/disease

either that or get your Dr to do tests to see what foods are not being tolerated by your body.

I will. slowly by slowly.

Go on an elimination diet, journal it, and when you find out what you are eating that is screwing up your system avoid it like the plague.


i appreciate it

Keep at it. It's tough, I know. But you've made progress and you'll make more. Remember to congratulate yourself after every workout.


Good for you and Keep it up. Don't let anyone or anything keep you from your goal.

thanx its slow going cuz i'm trying to build good "subconscious" habits, and just testing out what works. thanx.

Are your ovaries feeling better though?

its on and off

Are you still doing well?

its up and down. I am working with a much better doctor.

I too have pcos. Got it after my son was born. I have gained weight and it's really a struggle to keep it off. I totally know where you're coming from.

thanx. but I finally might be hitting the 20# mark. yeah.l

Keep up the good work, and yes you look beautiful!

thanx baby

Have your doc. Put you on a weight loss pill

i just started metformin this week and I have recently lost 15 pounds on my own. it took 9 months, but I got there

well that's a great thing just remember no matter what your beautiful no matter what size

you are a sweetheart, and i'll bet my bottom dollar you'll get to whate ever makes you comfortable. Big women are beautiful also :)

Honey you are beautiful

thank u

thank you

I think you look great just as you are.

thanx. i appreciate it. as of today, i'm at 239.6 pounds, so I'm makin progress and i've made my goal.

Keep it up!