Hello, I Have Pcos & Fms (fibromyalgia)

I am 36yrs young (even if I don't usually feel like it  ) and have had FMS for almost 15yrs now. I was recently dx with PCOS a few weeks ago (I suspect I have had it for a very long time though and have had hormone problems for many years). While it explains so much that the FMS didn't, its still a hard pill to swallow. I like that it has a name and I can come up with a plan of action of sorts where with FMS thats not always the case. What I find most fearful are the conditions that the PCOS leads to. My personal symptoms are "grandma" hairs on my face, acne like I didn't have in high school lol, hot flashes and cold sweats, no period for a year and sporadic spotting before and after, blood sugar problems, darkened skin patches, and unrelenting weight issues despite eating like a bird due to no appetite from the FMS and the meds I take for it. The Doc put me on Spironolact for now and some cream for the skin patches. Still not sure exactly how PCOS causes the skin darkening, especially around my neck...  Ok, that should be a good intro for now. I cant wait to meet more ppl like me! So please feel free to message me.
TheBeadBabe TheBeadBabe
36-40, F
May 16, 2012