I Have Pcos

I was diagnosed in June of 2006. I'll never forget that month. My husband and I had just recently found out we were pregnant, we were so excited. On June 6th I went to the ER I was in so much pain I couldn't hardly walk, and I was bleeding. There we found out the baby had implanted in my right tube and it was killing me trying to carry her. We heard her heart beat, because they forgot to turn off the sound on the ultrasound machine. It devastated me and my hubby. The Dr had to terminate the pregnancy. Two weeks later sittin in an office full of pregnant women I was told I'd never be able to have more kids. In fact I was told "You have PCOS. You're too fat to have children." I went into a severe depression, the Dr didn't even offer any treatments. It's been almost 6 years now. I'm finally able to cope with others having children and I love them. But every time I'm with them I want a baby too. I'm on metformin now and have been for awhile with no success. I lose weight, then gain weight. Its so frustrating. The closest PCOS specialist to me is 3 and half hours away, but I'm really considering making an appointment. I've done alot of research on my own too and found out thyroid, vitamin D and vitamin B play a big role. Goin to the Dr today and demanding tests.
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whose report will you believe? u get upset about it also but I am believing in God...his wil be done..if you are not meant to have..themn its ok..remember every vagrant was once a cute baby...ponder on that

What I don't get is I have a son, I got pregnant for him with no problem. Before my eptopic pregnancy I always had my period on time and getting pregnant was no big deal. Yea I had a couple miscarriages but there was events that lead to them, not unexplained miscarriages. My son's almost 10 now. And I havent been able to conceive since my eptopic pregnancy.

you can too have children don't give up i once was told that i couldn't / it will be very challenging to conceive by my gynecologist and here i am a mother of 2 little boys. yes losing weight plays a big factor in this because u gotta be able to ovulate with pcos we rarely do however i was over weight but not to the extreme. but best wishes too u dear.