I Tell People Im Ok With It....

last week i was diagnosed with pcos....after being sent for a scan as the doctor thought i may be pregnant after being almost 6 months without a period.....as it turns out that wasnt the case....people keep asking me how i feel about it and they all get the same answer....im ok with it it could of been something worse......but if im being 100% honest thats a lie....i feel so down about it.......i joined weightwatchers and didnt lose at all even though i stuck to it......i managed to gain a stone while doing this.....i left there about 2 months ago and have discovered since leaving i have gained another 2 stone....i love children and have 7 nieces and nephews and would love a child of my own and all i keep thinkin is its never going to happen....i feel i have no one to talk to....none of my friends understand and i feel as though i cant talk to them about it......all my doctor has said is it would help if i lost weight but finding this almost impossible.....really dont know what to do....is there anyone who has any suggestions on losing weight????
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I know how you feel and some pplmjust don't everything it can cause, they make it seem like its no big deal when it really is, it's not easy.

Yeah losing weight with PCOS is nearly next to impossible which I find personally aggravating. Basically because your body is producing testostrone the hormone is telling your body that you need to bulk up so until they can get that slowed down or reversed losing weight will be next to impossible but that doesnt mean you shouldnt try to be healthy. From my own stand point or where I'm at, I eat right and keep track of both my blood pressure as well as my blood sugar and excercise. I walk atleast a mile 5 times a week, and I do yoga as well and I am still like 200+ pounds and yet I run up and down the stairs with out ever even losing my breath. Its tough because its just the horomones screwing with you but I am sure if you talk to your doctor and with time things will get better. Just focus on getting healthy rather than thin! (They arn't always the same thing!)