22 With 2 Copies Of Mthfr C667t And Pcos

Hey everyone.
I am 22 and have just been diagnosed with 2 identical copies of the MTHFR C667T gene and PCOS. My doctor wants to do some more testing before he puts me on any medications... I have very mixed feelings about all of this and a lot of questions.
Will I be able to have children?
Am I at higher risk for heart failure or stroke while pregnant if I can have children?
I work out alot right now, am I at risk of heartatack or stroke while being active?
What kind of diet should I be trying to keep...
and Is there anyone else out there who has this same thing?
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<p>I am diagnosed with both of these. You CANNOT take birth control and you better not be smoking! lol... no but honestly what you need to do is start taking baby aspirin and take some folic acid and also take prenatal vitamins even if you're not pregnant. I just found out I had the 2 copies of MTHFR as well as Factor V Leiden. I was pregnant recently and had a miscarriage which is why my doctor decided to check for genetic conditions in my DNA. MHTFR causes miscarriages. You CAN get pregnant with PCOS and MHTFR but its not as easy for us. I got pregnant through a fertility treatment. I was put on Gonal F which is a hormone injection for a couple of weeks and when my eggs were mature enough I recvd a shot of HCG to ovulate. I had timed intercourse (have lots of sex before and after the HCG shot! lol) and got pregnant with triplets. I went into preterm labor at 18 weeks and they died :( Now that i know why this happened I will try again but this time Im gonna make sure i get the meds i need to prevent another loss... Good luck! :) if you wanna talk some more about my experience with fertility treatment feel free to email me at michi_card86 @ yahoo.com</P>

Don't let him put you on birth control pills. Some doctors do this to regulate the periods, but those pills increase your risk of cancer. You won't conceive easily, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. My mother might have PCOS, and she conceived me and my siblings.
It's okay. I know it's hard to have this. I'll say a prayer for you. :)

I will be keeping you in my prayers sweetie. I don't have any answers to your questions, I wish I did.