17 Year Old Told I Had Pcos

hello my name is dannie and i am 20 inever had any problums with my pms till jan , 2010 when i missed my pms for 3 mounths i thought i was preg so i whent to the doc she said i was not and then he did test and found out i had pcos and diabieties .. 08/15/2011 i had a misscarig i fount out 3 days befor i was 8 weeks preg and 3 days latter he or she was gone i still cry to this day it hurts me i am marryied to the same guy i was with at 17 he has ben by my side ... but to day i dont have diabities no more my pms is starting to chang back i am going in this week to see if my pcos has calmed down but i ahve ben trying for 1 year to get perg again with no luck i am ovolating and we tryed so ill see please girls pray for me

W/L danielle hillerich
danielleLHillerich danielleLHillerich
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I will pray for you, too.

i will pray for you <3 good luck!