Pcos & All The Little Things That Come Along With It !

I always knew something was wrong with me ever since I was 16. My period was irregular, I was extremely moody, very emotional and just cried about everything, and my body hair started increasing and then in my early 20's my hair thinned. I was diagnosed at age 23, but I am almost sure with the irregular hormones from the blood work at age 16 & 17, it was the beginning. I remember spending countless nights being ashamed of my body because I had to shave every single day, because I didn't want my boyfriend to say anything. I finally told him about it, because keeping it inside just bothered me and he was the most supportive person EVER, who started looking into an Endocrinologist who specialized in PCOS and has been a huge support. Now I have learned to accept my PCOS and deal with the symptoms on my own, knowing it won't be overnight, but I am doing something about it. To all of those who have PCOS, don't ever be discouraged , just keep moving !

malaslatka88 malaslatka88
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Thank you!