Pcos And Diabetic Is There Any Hope For Me To Have A Kid????

I just found out this yr that i have pcos and then about the time i was suppose to start chlomid i was told i am diabetic. Is there anyone out there in the same situation that could give advice or just hope that i can have a kid since that is all i want and my husband as well.

mrstaylor11 mrstaylor11
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Lol ur not really this is all helping me and really gets me thinking about what needs to be done in order to try and have the least amount of problems with it all. I can't thank you enough :)

Things are coming out that are not suppose to be inside!!! My monthly cycles were BAD!!! First two months they were bad when I added nutrition thru ViSalus. But holy cow! Now.... My cycle is now like a bug bite... Annoying but barely noticeable!!!!!! Adding the Vi-pak and a new product being released at Vitality may help!!!! Super excited to hear about everyone's stories!!!!

@andrea: I have "unexplained infertility" trying to have a baby, my only option given was invitro after 4 miscarriages and 5 years of trying. I was given that AWEFUL YAZ pill to prepare for invitro and it almost killed me!!!! Screwed my body up so bad docs said now no chance EVER of pregnancy. One year after being on transkit plus Vi-pak... Yeap got pregnant!!!!! We were not "trying" and had closed that door! I still have issues and could not carry full term but WOW!!!! To know my body is using the awesome nutrition. Inside in ways I don't even feel makes me happy!!! I will pray for u to have a Vi-baby too!!!! I giggle at ppl when they ask me about "stopping" Visalus! I say well your parents have u a bath when u were born and recommends u do it daily! If u don't what happens? Washing out your insides is no different!!!!

I am 41!!! Feel better than i did at 21!!!! My last pregnancy I was 40! I don't know that I really want to bring a child into the world at this age, but It is in God's hands. He has told me no and I have finally accepted that. So when I got pregnant, We were SHOCKED! I have at least 20 other friends who have Vi-babies that were told they would never concieve!!! They are all much younger... 20s/30s. And I took all the herbs/vitamins/supplements I could find while trying... but I was missing it. I wasn't getting the basics that Visalus gives you to help all those other herbs and things work! Visalus is a foundation of health, not just a shake! Thanks Molly!!!!! I love prayers from anyone!

Andrea Camp Rigsby

I am a sufferer of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which would cause my cycles be from one extreme to the other. Several years ago I had the same situation you had. I went to the doctor for extremely heavy bleeding for 8 months solid. 4 years ago, the solution was a DNC. After that, I had not had a regular cycle (about once every 2-3 months, if even that. I had been told that I may not ever be able to conceive on my own(would need lots of medication to ever do it), but I gave up on that diagnosis.

Since April, I have been on the BBV program, I have had consistent 28 day cycles. I am still hoping that with the proper nutrition provided by the BBV Program, I will achieve that which the doctors said could not be done naturally.

Jill Elaine

Last year I started my period one month... and two and half months later i was still bleeding and in the hosptial for it. I was going through a box of super tampons and pads in 2-3 days. I was low on iron and they couldnt get the bleeding to stop. After a large amount of hormones and hit and misses and a almost d and c... it stopped finally.... at around 3 months. It was awful I was sick i was in bed and I couldnt do anything.. I thought that had to be the worse of it.. and then two months later... surprise... it was back.. again drs and specilists and everything... after two months it was gone again.. then went away for a while.. then in Novemeber I got it again... by christmas time i was so weak and tired that i didnt get to enjoy my time with my family....... then I started to use the shakes and lose weight... i am now on a perfect 28 day cycle of three days.. i get some cramps before but it is wonderful to have it for three days and then it is gone.. and best part is i can still have a life while having it....... another bonus to the weight lose... lol ( wow howdy tmi and the whole internet now knowing about my period.....

Nikki Babb-Traub

The selling point of Body By Vi for me was when I heard many great stories on how BBVi helped women with PCOS and infertility issues get pregnant. I have PCOS and had tried for about 10 months to get pregnant and my doctor said it would be a miracle to get pregnant again without fertility drugs, and even then it could be hard to get pregnant. Well I started BBVi about a month ago and quit all of my PCOS medications, and today I found out that I AM PREGNANT!!! Thank you Body By Vi!!!!!

Julia Schmidt

"I can tell you that PCOS is due mainly due to insulin resistance, and since starting my sugar levels are leveling out. The biggest problem with PCOS is losing weight. One of the main reasons I started Body byVi is because of that reason. And I know that there are tons of testimonials on that. Once the sugar levels are under control, the weight starts to come off, once the weight starts to come off, PCOS starts to go away. My body is already starting to adjust itself and I'm getting into a normal cycle. I've never had that unless I was on meds. It has helped me control my sugar cravings (no longer want soda or sweets) With the sugar going away, everything else is just getting better. You may want to research the diabetes testimonials since PCOS is a direct relation. Hope that helps!"

Mandy Hibbard

I have PCOS, have had it since I was 17, 12 years now. I have been on the shakes since November. I have lost 41 pounds since, and a total of 17 1/2 inches. Over the years have tried slim fast and many other things. Although I disagree about the cause being insulin resistance, I can tell you that I have never had success on any other program or diet like i have had in the short time I have been on the vi shakes. PCOS for me being more hormonal issues than insulin, i have seen a regulation of my cycle which for me is a result of the weight loss. weight loss in women can help regulate hormones. I am hoping to get into the doctor to have blood work done to see what the results are in the hormone department but I know I have not felt this good in over 12 years!! the weight loss has been slower for me than others due to the hormone issues but I have lost many inches. That's what your potential customer will want to watch. Inches not weight. They'll see it there more before on the scale.
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