No One Knows Or Understands Pcos

Only victims of PCOS understand the struggles associated with this disease. If I I complain about a period or a cramp, other women may think I'm wining and over exaggerating, little do they know how truly painful it is and how emotionally draining it is to deal with the every day symptoms. I hate the facial hair and other unwanted hair that grows on my body, I know I can get it waxed or removed, but to let it grow for a few weeks so it is long enough to get rid off is a NO-NO! So I shave it.

The worst symptom of all is trying to get pregnant naturally and having no luck! Ive tried for over a decade and have never received a positive test. Worst part of this process is that PCOS symptoms make you think you are pregnant but always turn false. :(

I wouldn't wish this horrible depressing disease on anyone. I wish there was more awareness on this syndrome, like other types of diseases. Maybe it would be easier to tell friends and loved ones if it was. For now it is a secret we keep to ourselves.
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I've just joined this group and it's because of this story.
To read this story and all the other women's below has truly touched me... I never thought I'd hear that anyone else feels the same as I do.
I'm 24 and was told at 15 that I had PCO and to be honest it has always been either on my mind or a pain in my stomach.
I Have an amazing fiancé and we have been together for 7 years he's always known about me having PCO and has been fully supportive.
The pain has got worse over the years, the cramp and the soreness, not having a period for months then bleeding so heavy I make a puddle in Sunderland stadium while at a concert. I'm either happy or feel so depressed.
I've recently been back to the hospital and there answer is either carry on with life or have a hysterectomy. I've been on every pill and other forms of contraception but non seems to work. I feel like my head is so fuzzy trying to figure out what to do... do I try and have a child now while I'm young or do I continue to bleed and have pain and mood swings??? Like any women I just want a family I want to have mine and my fiancé child but being 24 I also didn't plan to have to decide this now.
Thank you for reading xx

I know exactly what you are feeling. I have been married to my amazing husband for 6 years and we have been trying since the day we got married to have a baby. NO LUCK. PCOS sucks! All of my friends have had children and my very best friend just found out she is pregnant with her 2nd child. As happy as I am for her it still hurts to hear it. It makes me feel like i am dying inside. My husband isn't as emotional about it because he is a man and like you I have NEVER EVER got a positive p-test. I do take what I call a "maintenance" test every month because I do not have periods except maybe once a year or so. I do it just to check but every time i take one it is like well "maybe we will get lucky this month". We are very blessed though because we have a 3 year old daughter who is adopted. She is the love of our life but she has been asking for a sister since she has been able to talk. When she sat on Santas lap last year and he asked her what she wanted she said a baby sissy. It tore me up. I was hurting for days after that. My mother is a fitness freak and keeps annoying me to lose weight. I wear an 18 she wears a 4 and she drives me crazy and makes me feel like less of a person because i am heavy not to mention she makes comments like "theres nothing like giving birth to your own child". I dont know. People are ignorant.

I know the feeling all too well to get a positive pregnancy test, to only find out it was a lie. I feel like my one lifes wish is being torn away from me. Be strong ShyOne85.

My name is Macy and I also have PCOS. I am 20. I am also in my JC's speech and debate class and am entering a competative speech I put together on PCOS and childlessness in tournaments this year. I just want you to know that I used your words (the ones you wrote above) as part of my piece. You will get credit (as shyone85). I just wanted you to know your words do matter and soon they will be part of something bigger.
from one PCOS woman to another.

I know what you mean. I agree the worst part is when u r trying to have a kid and ur body plays tricks on u making u think that u r getting ur hopes up only to be shut down. Im here if u ever want to talk :)

I know the pain. after having my iud taken out, sometimes my period seems worse than when I first hit puberty. and you're right. no one knows like another pcoser