Hitting Hard

I've known for awhile that I had PCOS only because I like to google everything and anything. I'm not sure when I found this out. Maybe a few years ago. My mom always wanted me to see a gynecologist but they freaked me out and I feel like I would be judged. I ended up going maybe a year or so ago for the first time and she put me on birth control which helped but I never went back. I was also on iron pills as well. I'm 23 now and I'm not in full baby mode or anything. I'm just sad because I don't ever feel like a normal girl. And my girlfriends are always "oh I'm so moody I guess my period is coming" or just discuss typical girl things and I just sit there and laugh and say "I'm not a real girl more like a cyborg" but I'm starting to just feel so overwhelmed and disgusting that I didn't know what else to do but just write this. I know I'm complaining because I can easily look up diets and everything to help take care of myself. I just feel like no one at home understands and is willing to help me I guess.
AtomicRedPanda AtomicRedPanda
Nov 30, 2012