Discribing Pcos To Family And Friends.

I have been having a hard time trying to get my family and friends to understand what PCOS is and how it affects me.

Most don't understand how it affects my body! I have gone months without my period, and it has never been "normal". Getting pregnant can be really hard for me, but my GYN has put me on a new Birth Control that should make it easier. I want lots of kids! Most guys can't understand how I have a hard time getting pregnant without BC and if I miss a BC pill I will get pregnant.

My PCOS has also had other affects on me. I have a really hard time losing weight, have acne more then most people, and have to shave more then most girls would. But this is my life. I just want someone to love me for me and understand that I have PCOS and how it affects me!
AngelAndDemon AngelAndDemon
Dec 11, 2012