Suffer In Silence

I've only ever had 3-4 natural periods.

I didn't have my first period until i was 16. i was getting painful stomach cramps and i had/have bad acne on my back which is a problem in the summer time when you want to wear open back or vest tops or go to the beach, swimming.. ect i also suffer with belly hair to which i have to shave and i get a tash which is a pain in the bum. But anyway... i went to the doctors and my mum push for further more examinations. they finally diagnosed me after scans and blood test with PCOS.
The doctor put me on a birth control pill to which i was taking for 2 months, this pill made me put on a few stone and made my acne and mood swings worst. I have stop taking that pill now and have just been trying to get on with life as it comes.. i haven't has a period since then... (10months).
However, it is so stressful. i get painful head aches and always suffering from pelvic shooting pains and aches,sometimes it hurts when i push on my lower right.. i also get back pains, my hair is constantly falling out and blocking the plugs in my bath/sink.
i appear as a really smiley and bubbly individual but the littlest things make me snap..I get so moody and so down . i feel like nobody can relate to me or understand the pain i suffer, i rarely complain about this disease and hate using it as an excuse. i am a little under weight but sometimes get really bloated after i have eaten little amounts of food (too the point where i look pregnant then i get it in my head 'im fat') i am so worried i will never be able to have a baby as i don't have periods at all (without the pill) i love children and would be a dream to have my own one day.
Im looking to go back to the doctors but fear that it is going to be a waste of time. i don't want to be told the basics of pcos again. i want new solutions and help with this issue as it is having a big impact on my life.


ChloH ChloH
Dec 13, 2012