Medics And Pcos

I am a lil over 24 years old and graduating from med school in less than a month. i have had regular periods since 13. Actually never missed an 'appointment' except i was really ill or stressed out from med school heavy workloads and stuff.i have always facial hair since my teenage years.About a year ago,just after my last year of med school started, my periods started acting up abit.Just thought it was the stress. A doctor friend suggested getting the whole shabang (USG,hormone profile).well, pple who study and live in the hospital literally think only patients have these things (believe me, they really do). My first case of infertility as a student in the OBGYN rota was a case of PCOS.I decided to humour myself and get just an ultrasound. BOOM! i was told i had a fairly large cyst on my right ovary. I called my mom right away and she was really supportive. turns out a number of women in my family have cyst issues as well as infertilty issues. fingers crossed, i repeated it in october,2012 (too busy with my final year to care for real yet)with a hormone profile this time.the obgyn was one of ma consultants from the med school.he simply turned the USG machine's screen towards me. my temperature literally dropped when i saw it but i still asked if those ovaries belonged to me and he actually answered in the affirmative. i didnt see the need to cry at the time. i simply picked up my results and attached them to my hormone profile results and marched to my obygyn's office (testosterone,fsh,Lh and prolactin were through the roof literally). i sat there trying really hard to keep the smile on ma face when he read me my fertility "rights'.he went through the whole bla blah blah i had given ma patients more than once just as an academic exercise. it took a few days to get over ma shock and start my meds (oral contraceptives,cabergoline). I must admit it doesnt bother me alot cos of my spiritual beliefs and all the swift career choices i have to make in the next couple of years. i have never been the type to gravitate towards holding every crying infant but now... i savour every moment i have to hold someone else's child. i am not married now (and don't practice pre-marital sex either) but i feel just fine telling a few friends around me what the hell is wrong. my biggest problem is that i would have to tell someone (future patner) something that would make me feel terribly exposed. Infertility is literally the plague for any african women especially in mypart of Africa. Support groups is still alien to us.My parents are both diabetic and hypertensive and over half of both sides of ma family are hypertensive in addition to being diabetic. Most importantly,i am a christian and i believe God has a purpose and a plan for everything that happens in my life. I have since resolved to NEVER change any long term plans I made before PCOS 'arrived'. I have no intentions of letting PCOS give me any more stress than its giving my poor ovaries.

The lessons i have learnt from sitting on the other side of the consulting room table have been priceless and am still learning new ones daily as I reach for my pill bottle right after my alarm at 5:00am every morning.

It was lovely to share.
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