Who Do I Believe

well im 22 years old i have always had regular cycles 28 days 4 to 5 days long my periods became inregular when i was around 19 i was gaining weight and i notice my periods would come late and then very light to missing three months so i went to the doc and she tested my hormones and she said my progesterone was very low and that was the reason i was missing my periods and also she said the cause was maybe me gaining weight that it can cause your hormones to go out of balance so she gave me hormone pills and i started menstruating regularly again and then i got on birth control so when i decided to get off bc i was getting my periods regular for about 6 months but then i notice they where very light and also i wasnt getting pregnant so i went to my doc and she ran blood test ultrasounds and everything came back normal so i was like okay so i waited and still periods inregular and i wasnt getting pregnant so i decided to see a obgyn i told her that i was trying to get pregnant with no success and also that my periods where inregular and she said you have pcos shes like you have inregulat cycles and hard time getting pregnant so im sure you have it and i was like okay and i have read that pcos makes you gain weight and you have hard time loosing weight witch is not my case im fat because i stop taking care of myself and not caring about what i ate i weighted 170 and i went up to 214 when i got marry so im thinking she probly thought i have always been so fat so thats why she diagnose me right there i had to beg her to do blood test and finally she said my blood work was high so i was like okay so i spoke to my other doc my general doc and i told her what the obgyn said and she said theres no way you have pcos your ultrasounds are normal and ur blood work is to and also you are ovulating so i was like okay im confuse now she said a lot of docs misdiagnose pcos the only symptoms i have is inregular cycles and havent gotten pregnant. i mean im not a hairy person i dont have thin hair i dont have hard time loosing weight, i just recently lost 20 pounds and my periods are back to normal every month and a heavy flow im just kind off **** that i dont know who to beleive my doc said maybe my hormones are a lil out of balance due to all the gain weight since i got marry since my body is not use to carry so much weight but it upsets me that we pay so much money for health insurance to not get a clear answer
mylife90 mylife90
Jan 9, 2013