Need Help....i Am There Anyone Who Feels The Same?????

at first i'd like to tell you that im 17 and gonna be 18 in next two months!and im really scared that my eyes are moist even while writng this to you..
when i was 13,i had my periods,and since then they were never regular till now.and finally my doc told me that i am showing symptoms of pcos!
i was always a healthy kid and the when i began to gain waight,evryone thought thts normal bt when it got out of control,evryone started blaming me fr eating like tht!
they all do till now,though i know they want me to get well...and evn my doc didnt tell what exactly is pcos to my mom also(she just told some of the symptoms ..nt the affects of it..and still my mom scolds me fr this..she thinks all this happend cuz of me) ,i just came to know when i searched for it..
i visited like evry doc i could,all began with lose weight,tht is the root of ur problems and when i cam home,the firing round on me began evryday...abt how i look ugly and how my classmates are slim,and beautiful..evrything tht im not!
i tried hard hard to lose wait.evn I didn’t touch food for almost a week and lost akg per day(I was taking concentrated mineral drops CMD fr energy) after tht at the end of the 2nd week,weight loss was reduced and then it began evrytime..when i lost like 9 or 10 kgs by weight automatically began to matter what i was eating or evn fasting all day in my holidays...and cuz of this i lost my all confidense..and somehow prapared myself to live like hope tht someday,this will last two years,i am losing my hair,and again i am blamed for nt taking care of my do i tell them its my harmones..who would want to look ugly on their own!
and now,im evn more depressed cuz i dnt know how to deal with this???u must have guessed how immature i am..i reallly really need your help..plzz help me..i need ur advice...

when i read ur this page and all the feeling like sharing all this with you all..can i evr live a normal life??..and now i am waitng for ur reply....plzz guide me through this problem...plzzz...

i too want to be a normal life..i need your help..
waitng for some help and advices..cuz i know there are so many mature women here who can help me get through this...
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I'm so sorry for you. It sounds like you have PCOS. You seem to have 3 of the major symptoms. I agree with Unjusted below who said to advocate for yourself. Remind your doctor that he/she suspected that you have PCOS and that you would like to make sure. Tell the doctor that you would like to run tests to help you rule it out and you need to know especially since PCOS causes diabetes, heart disease, depression, infertility along with obesity. I would ask your family to take you to your doctor and if that doctor doesn't run the tests, go to another doctor especially an endocrinologist who will run blood work. That blood should show if your blood sugar and hormone levels of the male hormone, androgen, are unbalanced which is causing this craziness. If the tests are conclusive, the doctor will probably put you on medication like Glumetza/Metmforin to help balance your levels and helps you lose weight. Please, don't starve yourself! Your body is going to react and you're going to slow down your metabolism and then you're right back where you started or have gained more weight. Have your mom view this website with you and maybe she will see that we all have similar symptoms.

Let me know how it works out. Take care and hang in there!

I am scared as well. This diagnosis just sucks. I am new to this too. I just got told about my possibly having on the 21st of February and then I feel like a pretty much confirmation on it yesterday. You are so not alone.

You were brave and smart to reach out for help. I'm sorry, because it doesn't seem like you have anyone in your personal life who sympathizes with you regarding your health concerns. Don't be ashamed that you have a medical condition. It is not your fault. Take comfort knowing that you are not alone, there are countless others who know exactly how you feel.
What surprises me the most about your story is that your doc suspects PCOS but hasn't ordered any tests to confirm the diagnosis. Simple bloodwork and/or an ultrasound of your ovaries would ensure that you are being treated for the right disorder/disease. If these tests haven't been done, I would push for them (in a polite and diplomatic way - you don't want to make enemies with your doc).
One thing I know for sure, you have to advocate for yourself. Look out for number one, because no one else will.
Read my response to AmazingAuntie, as I have outlined what I think is the best way to handle this syndrome. The tips are valid, not just for PCOS patients, but most people.
Breathe... You will get through this!

Everthing will be allright. Please don't stress. repeat. Please don't stress. you will be ok... PROMISE The first thing to do is tune others out that are making you feel bad about your weight. They are not in your shoes, and should have nothing to say. and Remember everthing will be alright!! Stress the kind of stress you feel right now will not work, and it might even make things worse. Now, don't go on any more fasting diets, that actually will make you gain weight fast like you have just experienced. For the moment.... Take a step back and learn for yourself about PCOS, learn what some people are saying about it and and the thyroid how they work off of each other, learn about what some are saying about insulin resistance and avoiding carbohydrates, and other processed foods. Please don't turn to quick fix untill you read read read about it. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor for blood test according to your studing. After you have fully studed and this issue, ask your self what can I try and do today that will make this better in the long term, and do it. After a while you can add more and more speacial request of your self. You will find that your life will still go on just fine, and your weight and systoms will be little. One last word, you will be just fine... please don't stress out. Lots of hugs

I am very sorry for what you are going through. Below is a link for WebMD that explains a lot about pcos. Hopefully this will be helpful in some way.

Now this is a bit outside of the box, but I think you should give Qi Gong a try. It is pronounced "chee gung". This is like Tai Chi but works towards balancing the body's energy and improving health.

Eons ago I knew a woman that had a problem with her immune system (it barely worked) and had to be on medication most of her life. She got to a point where she was sick of taking the meds so began looking for alternatives to this. She discovered Qi Gong and began practicing. After an initial month of being sick most of the time but still practicing the Qi Gong, her immune system began to improve its function. Many years later she is still med-free, still practices Qi Gong, and feels great.

You can check out Qi Gong online, and not to worry, it is just a series of movements, made slowly, to bring balance back to the body's energy. Ideally, you would want to take a class, but I believe they sell videos online that would work also. Please give this a try at least, as I believe it will be very helpful. It is just a small time commitment (about 30 minutes) each day to go through the movements.

thank you so much friend...i'll definately give it a try...
i am checking out the link now...thnk u soo much for it... you know some diet methods...??
do u think..asking my doctr fr some pills fr weight reducing will help??

Personally I would not use Weight-loss pills. I believe to be healthy a person needs to eat fruits, vegetables, meat (I say meat for protein cause I like meat, but vegetarians might eat various types of legumes), and some bread, rice, pasta, potatoes. Now, to lose weight go very light on the bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes. Salads using darker lettuces are great as well (add cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, cheese (?), meat or legumes, sometimes apple slices or other fruit slices).

There are so many great, healthy foods, meals, that you can have that won't pack on the weight. They will leave you feeling full, energized, and happy.

Also, I really think you would benefit from Qi Gong. Truly. Besides, it's fun, easy, and doesn't take much time each day. I would suggest dedicating about 30 minutes each morning to Qi Gong.

thank you so much fr ur advices...i'll start working on it frm 2day...:)
btw frm where can i get more info on qi gong??i i need to google it???or some dvd's are also available in stores whr i can order it???
and btw..have u heard abt jenny blondel's treatment???what is ur opinion abt it??
my doc has suggested a sonography anytime in ths coming two months fr confirmation...
and can i get well???i hv lost all my confidence fr it..:(

Oh hun I feel for you. I have had PCOS for 5 years & its taken over my life. Not sure if the doctors wanna put you on birth control but it helps with the PCOS & your periods. & with body hair growth which will happen. & with the weight thing you just need a low carb diet. There's websites that can help but low carb which sucks I know it best for PCOS. & exercise at least 30 minutes a day. If you have any other questions just ask :)

thank you so much for your advice...
bt i have some questions....
what is birth control???
and my doc said nothing abt it...she has given me some pills,which ,she said will control my harmones..and there is also a tonic like thing..and some ayurvedic medicine for acne thing. i dnt have acne tht much rite i m suffering frm hair issue..she is beggining....
she didnt sound all serious abt i thought,this would be when i googled it...i was shocked..i dnt have guts to tell my mom tht what exactly is pcos..
and u also said there is some website...can u give me the link???
thnk u once again...:)

I don't remember the website's they were some of the first ones that came up from Google. & you should research birth control and PCOS. Birth control is taken to keep from getting pregnant & also for medical problems its just hormones