Don't Know Where To Turn!

Hi my name is Samantha....

I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 15. I had just suddenly stopped having periods and started to grow facial hair. I was scared to tell my family so I tried to make a appointment by myself (didn't work out too well). The doctor called my grandmother 15 minutes later and said to come in with me. We get there and they do ultrasounds, blood test, etc. He then comes back looks me in the face and says "You have more male hormones then woman hormones. Your periods are very irregular and you may never be able to have a child." I was shocked! At the age of 15 my doctor was telling me that, basically, I was becoming a man. I was terrified! I was given birth control pills, but they made me have heavy horrible 2 month long periods and the doctor had to stop those immediately!

The doctor gave me some reading material and I went over it again and again, but still it just didn't make sense. I already had to deal with being the fat girl but now I was going to grow facial hair! I took a month of school,but went back, and began to feel the bullying of so many who just didn't understand. If it wasn't for the 3 close friends that made me feel as normal as they could, I would probably be dead right now!

So here I am at the age of 23, I have resorted to shaving almost everyday. Its hard to leave my house when I run out of razors to shave and have people stare at you as if your were a circus freak. It's so hard to face reality sometimes. I just don't know what to do anymore.....

Wish that they could find a cure and make us all normal again! I am happy to have found this website, now I can actually talk to a real person who knows what I am going through and understands the pains that I feel!
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dear sammi2244 i am a man so i don't know all you are going though.but please don' be hard on yourself. i love hairy women and know many men that do also.the more hair the better.just look at the internet.please feel good about yourself and you will find that special man that will find you as his treasure.

Thank you for all the responses. I do not have any insurance right now, so I am currently unable to get the medication that I need. I am forced to shave and use facial hair removal cream. When I was on birth control I had a period for 3 months and almost died from the extreme blood loss. I am taking metformin (only because my grandmother gives it to me) I have heard stories that this works very well. Anyways thank you all for being there for me! It is nice to know that there are other people out there who understand the horror that is PCOS

Hi Sammi,<br />
It is hard to be diagnosed at that young age. I don't think that doctors mean to be insensitive, but some times they do come across as rude or uncaring. I have had similar thoughts as you, 'If I have more male hormones than I'm supposed to I must be a freak.'<br />
I felt like a werewolf, and sometime still do! The best non-chemical hair removal method I've had is laser. Most women only have to get their hair treated 4-6 times, but because of hormone imbalance, us PCOS girls will have to go back indefinitely. I have found it hard to keep up with this treatment method because of the cost, but in my province I can claim it as a medical expense (with dr's Rx due to hirsutism) on my income taxes. I am not currently getting laser treatment, because I cant afford it right now.<br />
In December I started on Spironolactone, an inexpensive drug originally developed for high blood pressure. I'm taking it with hopes that it will diminish my hair growth and I can stop the daily shaving... I also read that it's prescribed for acne, which I also have a mild-moderate case (at 37 yrs old)! I've been told to be patient, because it can take up to 6 months to see results. I will update in another 3 months when I see the doc again, if the drug treatment has helped. Important notice, you can NOT take if you are TTC or are sexually active without being on BCP, as severe birth defects can occur! I don't think it was fair of the doctor to tell you at age 15 that you wouldn't be able to have children. It may be more difficult to conceive than non-PCOS women, but not impossible. My two sisters and I were all diagnosed with PCOS, and we each have children :)<br />
Don't be discouraged. Use your frustration in your situation to drive you to research the facts around PCOS from various different perspectives (medical and naturopath), and choose what's right for you.<br />
Even though some don't believe diet and exercise will help, you should do this anyway: if not for PCOS, then for your heart, reduced stress levels, energy. <br />
Wishing you a healthy future...<br />
((((Hugs!))))<br />

Are you doing anything currently to help your condition or getting any second opinions. I have read there is another sort of drug out there that controls those types of hormones other than birth control.