Day 1

I am brand new to this. I never had a doctor, always had a good immune system and was healthy. In 2 years since my parents separated, a lot has happened. At 16 I started noticing irregular periods, and then last July I just stopped having my period all together. I waited to bleed every week, but it never happened. Just yesterday I went to walk in clinic and talked to a doctor there.He was 95% sure I had PCOS, as I had all the symptoms. He sent me to get a blood test and a pelvic ultrasound. I have yet to get the ultrasound, but I got the blood test done immediately. I have searched the internet and have seen everyone else's stories and I relate. I have pain in my abdomen at all times, but more severe pain when I should be having my period. I am lucky I have no baldness but I all the other symptoms. Nervous, hell yes. Scared, you don't even know. The increased risks of diseases and diabetes and strokes is intimidating, I'm only 18. If anyone needs an ear to talk to, I'm always here :)

That was long and mildly all over the place, sorry.
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All of these websites say that drugs, diet, and exercise can help prevent the worst of the complications associated with PCOS.