Spearmint Helps With Hirsutism....

I know most of us probably have problems with excess hair growth because of our PCOS- I've found information online saying that spearmint (no not peppermint) tea can help.

I bought a 30 pack box and am eagerly awaiting for it to be shipped to my house...

I believe you are supposed to drink it two times a day from the time your period starts, I plan on drinking it two times a day for two weeks from when my period starts, hopefully I see some slowing of hair growth :)

almostthere83 almostthere83
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5 Responses Nov 19, 2008

Thanks for the info. I will try this FOR SURE.<br />
<br />
GL to all.

I haven't heard that about the tea, but at this point Im willing to try almost anything.. I was diagnoised when I was 14 when I had a cyst removed of the overy.. I think that is when it really set things in motion.. Hair just started to appear almost every where face breast stomach I have to shave almost daily and Im SICK OF IT...

Hi, just wanted to say , dont know the level of your problem, but I did read that the tea is good for MILD hirsutism.

How will you know if you have mild hirsutism

This sounds like a good idea, has it helped yet almostthere83?

Ohh, I think I might try this. Having a cup of tea sounds a heck of a lot nicer than yanking hair out of my chin with a pair of tweezers.