I hate pcos. It really kills my self esteem . I have had hirsutism , acne , hair fall and irregular periods. I have hair all over legs , arms facial hair , back chest , butt ( but only the legs and arms are long hairs and others are just baby hairs but my body is still covered with alot of hairs.) Since when I was in 4th grade ( 9-10 years old ) I remember I started cutting hairs that time because of my hairy legs and arms. And thats the time also Im noticing that there are hairs growing on my butt and nipples. I know it was not normal but my mom keeps on telling me that it is normal. 6th grade I started shaving my legs until I reach 13 years old. I developed razor burns. I got fed up with razors so I tried waxing my legs and arms. It was fascinating but im seeing that it dont lessen it just gets worser and thicker! And i developed chicken skinn!! Gosh later did I know that I have pcos. I was diagnosed last year Aug 2013. It has been a year now. Im so fed up with the hairs all over my body and thank God! My acne is now clearing up . I suffer from it 4 years and now they are clearing up. I dont know if its my pcos that is improving. But I hope so. Because before I was totally depressed and Its the stress that keeps my pcos worsen. I hope I can marry someday and have beautiful kids. I hope they wont get my pcos and my hirsutism. We always wanted to be the person that we wanted to be but we cant because pcos is there. But never lose hope. I will fight for this condition and sooner i hope I can be a girl now .
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hi. i didn't realize that a lot of women suffer from PCOS until i started researching recently. I'm almost 30, my experience is so very similar and i have struggled with self confidence and anxiety because of the weight, hirsutism and worrying about not having my own family... this put strain on my marriage and now i am separated and depressed. i am unable to enjoy myself and do regular things because i have to cover up all the time and have heavy make up on to cover up the facial hair. i can't even go swimming... its controlling my life... i can only imagine waking up in the morning, brush my teeth, tie my tie up and walk to the breakfast table full of people without having to spend the first 30 minutes of my every morning in the bathroom making sure I look and feel ok before meeting the first person on the day... i see my beautiful friends
do it... and i wish my life was that simple.. i am way too embarrassed to tell them..

I feel that too. Its like i also feel were cursed especially the ugly truth that I have hirsutism as well :/ i dont loose hope. Laser hair removals work but the thing is i dont have money :( . Dont loose hope you will have kids in time. You have to belive in yourself that pcos will not ruin your life forever. Just stay positive:) i too learn from dealing it and im seeing improvements from my acne :D

thanks, its great to finally talk about it openly (and not be laughed at)... i hope laser treatment finally reach my country (seriously!) i should save in the meantime :) I'm reading heaps of advice here and will have to start making major lifestyle changes... understanding what the problem is, is major... from here... is slightly easier to handle... at least I know that I'm not "special" in the regard :)

We can fight this girl! But laser treatments cannot guarantee us that hairs will be fully eliminated bec of pcos. But will sure likely be a woman now and no need to hide for those ugly truths issues

Your most powerful weapons in this condition are nutrition, exercise and sleep. Practice self love. The world could give two ***** about how you look bc really people are self involved in their own personal dramas. I would suggest that you treat your body like a temple. Don't be afraid to love your body. Imagine you had a friend going through everything you are. Would you think the same things about that friend as you think about yourself? I would suggest a real multivitamin from a health store. Ask your doctor about metformin. It can reduce testosterone and help with the extra hair. Zinc and magnesium are great for your skin. Liposolmal Vitamin C is the best thing you could do for your body as well. If you suffer from irregular periods and low energy try something called Ba Zen Wan. Love yourself. You will have a wonderful husband and beautiful kids. Don't lose hope. Your body is trying to figure it out so just support and worship it. :)

I have pcos. I have done everything that I suggested and I stand by them. I don't even get super crazy about it. I just know that if I go for a walk every night, take my multivitamin and love myself and sleep I feel like I could conquer the world. Best of luck to you

But im underweight. Metformin is for overweight people right? :/ I am drinking herbal medicines now instead of pills. I always drink green tea. And well yeah my sleep. I dont have a consistent sleep . I always sleep at 12 midnight :/ will it worsen my pcos :/ and i dont take too much dairy now. Cut on sodas and chips. When i did this my acne cleared up. I just have acne. And also for my irregular periods its very irregular. Ive always been pessimistic since when i was a teen and now i think stress aggravates my hormones which produces more hairs and more cysts:(

Try licorice tea or pills and spearmint tea. 6 cups of spearmint tea a day reduces testosterone and hair growth . Chaste Berry can help with irregular periods but so can the Ba Zhen Wan

Girllll I understand your pain!! Pcos is so frustrating! And sometimes all the symptoms from it make me feel like I'm living a personal hell. Inbox me if you want to vent about the curses of pcos together!

Huhu . I will send you inbox. I hope we can share stories