PCOS and Weight Loss?

I was very recently diagnosed with PCOS. My weight ballooned from 130 lbs to 165 lbs in just a few month's time. Has anyone found a diet and/or drug to help lose the weight in their midsection due to PCOS?

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As far as I have been told it is an inherited condition (meaning you can pass it down to a daughter) and it is from birth but can come up at any time or be triggered into activity by something. As far as the weight loss the previous people are correct, but I will add that all that I have been reading mentions to go by a low glucose index diet, which does include carbs. It can be tough but it is possible. Good luck and give me a message if you want to know anything else. I have known I have PCOS for 15years now.

Thanks for the info ennuye... my OBGYN pretty much threw the diagnosis at me, gave me a Rx for birth control and walked out the door. I had to educate myself on the condition through internet searches, reading books, and talking to other people who suffer from the condition. I was very disappointed in the lack of information that came from my doctor! I don't even know... is this something you have since birth or something that suddenly comes on? I was thin and healthy with regular menstrual periods and then all of a sudden started spotting heavily and gained a ton of weight in my belly. I'm just wondering, does anyone know if this is a condition that can spring up over 6 months or so?

Ugh... does this mean staying away from alcohol entirely?

I don't have any specific info for you but try checking out PCOS support groups online. Also WebMD has lots of forums on different conditions. They're monitored by a nurse so you can get good info too. I'm afraid the hard facts involve strict dieting (avoid simple carbs) and lots of exercise. Good Luck. : )