I Don't Know If I Have Pcos

I find out on Friday if I have PCOS. I'm seeing a natural doctor and have high hopes for a solution. My symptoms  have ranged from skin tags, weight gain, hot surges, moodiness, facial hair, ovarian cysts, unable to sleep but being so fatigued that all I want to do is sleep. I've been given birth control , diagnosed as depressed, bipolar, and just given the " you're fine." Goddess help me with some answers. It's ruining my marriage.

I hate traditional medicine practices. They seem to have only one agenda. Push the medicine that their getting kickbacks from and make sure they only spend the minimum amount of time with you so that they can get paid more. I am nervous I guess we will see what happens the 5th.

Soultryst Soultryst
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2 Responses Feb 3, 2010

Hi, I have got PCOS and been trying for a baby for a few years, finally getting fertility treatment in April 2010. <br />
I have got exactly all of the symptoms you have mentioned, i also do not get periods or extremely rarely.<br />
You have to have a very low carb diet and eat no rubbish at all, you must exercise all the time otherwise weight is a big issue, unfortunaltey this is my main prob and not getting preggars.<br />
Im on a drug called ' Metformin' read about this is helps reduce symptoms.<br />
Good luck in the future, im here to chat to about pcos, as i have dealt with it for many years.

Hopefully they will be good for you. Good luck on your visit. I hope they are a match for your needs.<br />