I Have Pcos And Ibs At The Age Of 21 Now Trying For A Baby

hi im kayley im 21years and got dignosed with pcos about 6 months ago when i started getting hairs under my chin. i have had blood tests  done that confirmed it and my hormoan levels are all over the place .i then went for a ultra scan and it showed i have ovaian cysts so i am now on 1000g of metaformin and tablets for my ibs.i went to my doctor  and i told him i want to try for a baby so he told me to take my temp everyday to see if im ouvlating and nothing so now i have to go for blood tests 21days after the first day of my period.its just a hassle going through all these tests and scans i just want answers now and want to be able to no i wont have to go through ivf to have a baby im finding my self getting very stressed and tearfull over it all.

well im here if anyone else needs to talk as i find it helps alot xxx

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

Hii im also 21 and i was diagnosed with PCOS .I was taking bc pills but i've been off a couple months and attempting to try for a baby naturally without meds. I never have periods. It really saddens and depresses me to know I may never be a mom.