If Only I Knew

i am 32 yrs old. I just found out that i have PCOS and have probably had it for 10-12 yrs. For yrs now i have been written off by drs as a hypercondriact. I have had so many people tell me that it is all in my head that it is not even funny. I finally found a dr that would listen to what i had to say and ran the tests necessary to correctly diagonsis me......because it has take so long to figure out what is worng with me i may never be able to have another child. i know that this is heredarity so what is the point of drs taking a medical history if the drs ar not going to read it and take it into conzsideration!!!!! Hopefully the medicine that i am on now will allow me to have more kids.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

with pcos it is not impossible to have kids. i am living proof of that. i have a 6 yr old son and i am trying to have another one. my dr put me on metformin. talk to ur dr about it. just make sure u get ur pcos treated.

i am 24 and i fear i will never have kids