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My son is 12 I just noticed that he has this, I am making him an appointment in Norfolk VA at a specialist to see what they say they can do.. I hear that the brace costs around 2500.00 and must be worn for 2 years. Consult around 500.00. I hear insurance doesn't cover this. I just want to do what is best for him. He hasn't seemed to notice it yet and from what I have read it can get worse until he is done growing. I hope the Drs. and the hospital can give me more info and help me know what to do about this. I love my son and want to do what will make his life the best.
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My son, now age 15, has a perfectly flat chest. Less than a year ago that WASN'T the case. He wouldn't take his shirt off at the beach, wore sweatshirts whenever possible and slunched over ALL the time. His pectus was pretty severe. We consulted with a leading surgeon at UVA Medical Center, he said he couldn't help us because insurance wouldn't cover "cosmetic" surgery. Right in front of my son he discussed how difficult life is when you look "peculiar", but "Sorry, insurance won't cover it". He was the most unhelpful, uncaring person I've ever encountered.<br />
I knew bracing existed (because of the internet), but who to contact? Where to turn? After lots of research I e-mailed Trainer Joe. He responded almost immediately. I'm making this into a long story, I apologize.<br />
If you have pectus carinatum, are under the age of 18, and want to have it fixed, make an appointment with this guy! He is wonderful. We traveled 3 hours to see him at Johns Hopkins, but he's ba<x>sed out of NJ. He'll set up a payment plan for you if you don't have the funds immediately available. His main concern is to FIX your chest.<br />
if you have any questions you want to ask me, please e-mail me at and put pectus carinatum in the subject.<br />
I feel very passionately about this, I saw first hand how much my son suffered, and I see now what a difference a flat chest has made in his life.

I live in Richmond and just took my son in for an appointment yesterday. He has pectus carinatum and we have noticed it becoming markedly more pronounced over the past year. He is currently 15 1/2. The doctor recommended the brace and said it is prime time to be using it as he is growing and the abnormality will probably get larger without treatment. We had him fitted for the brace this morning and the cost is $400, so $2500 does seem a bit steep to me.

Yes some insurance will pay and some won't (if you don't push for it) . If you or your parents (for under 21) have insurance go to a Dr. that Does a lot of these Surgeries and he should help getting insurance approved. For one when if your insurance says we dont pay because its cosmetic you tell no that It effects my breathing (Let them prove it dosn't) also this affects a lot of people mentally (tell them that and get the Dr. to back it up) prove to them it is not cosmetic . Also if you are lower income and you have the state insurance for your children up to age 21 this will more then likely be paid and almost every state has it. My son had this done in his later teens and so thankful for it and yes it was all covered so I paid no out of pocket. He had the nuss procedure and I hear now there is a new and improved nuss. Some people can do the bracing and some will need surgery. If you have to pay out of pocket it will run around 20.000 or at least that is what I was told at the time. If your an older adult with no insurance some Hospitals will do the surgery for free but you have to pay to Drs fee. Again if your under 21 and this is something you are needing or want to get done then tell someone. I know a lot of people don't like to talk about and think no one else can relate-- so did my son until we started researching Drs and hospitals and online and you find a ton of people are out there with same issues. When he was born the dr. said dont worry he will out grow and as most of you know that will not happen so if you go to dr and he tells you that get another Dr.

I will be happy to look at your son's chest. We see pectus patients at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore which is probably the closest to you. <br />
<br />
We routinely brace kids for pectus carinatum. Pectus Services has been bracing kids since 1996 along with an exercise program we have consistently improved the pectus of hundreds of kids in over 14 years.<br />
<br />
Our brace is flat, low profile and hard to see under clothes. It requires no gadgets, lasers or other devices to correct a pectus deformity. It is simply an outstanding design of the brace coupled with exoperienced management of monitoring of the pectus during the bracing period.<br />
<br />
Our patients can play sports, wear it to school and gym class and are unhibited by the brace. We have high school varsity athletes down to 3 year olds.<br />
<br />
Our work was published in conjunction with Johns Hopkins in 2009 at the American Pediatric Surgeons Conference and very well accepted.<br />
<br />
Call or email the office anytime. Fall / Winter is a good time to brace so they can be finished bracing by summer of the following year to show off their new chest at the pool or beach!<br />
<br />
Joe<br />
Pectus Services<br />

I just discovered that my 14 old son has this. I'm grateful for the information on websites about this condition so I can read more about it. Please share your stories so we can make informed decisions when and if necessary.

Hi, i have a 15 yr old son who has pc, its only just started showing really so is not that bad and i hope it stays that way! he has become more concious of it in the last few months and i have noticed he has started wearing multiple la<x>yers of clothes and does not go swimming as much as he said people have started asking "whats that" and he is not quite sure what to answer. I can understand totally what he is going through as i also had pc and had a operation in 1982 and again in 1984 (i am now 43) although back then i did not know there was a name for it and my doctor never told me, i just thought i was some kind of freak! i was never happy with the results of the ops and ended up havin a boob job. my son has recently gone for x rays and we are waiting for the results. i just hope his wont get any bigger, i just feel so upset that i could have passed this down to him. hope your son is doing ok and its good to know they are not the only ones.