Pectus Carinatum And Chest Pain/pressure.

I am 26 and have had PC for as long as I can remember. I have never been "diagnosed" to my knowledge. As a young girl, my bone would stick out so far it made a crease in my shirt. I was self conscious about it more when I started growing breasts and wore only sports bras since it seemed to "hide" it better. As a woman, it's not noticable at all. It does make my right breast appear a bit larger than my left, but nothing anybody but my husband and I notice. I really haven't had any problems from this, other than the occasional soreness from getting hit in that area while playing sports, or laying flat on my stomach/chest for too long. And trying to find bras with underwires that don't dig into the area.

Recently, I have been having shortness of breath, chest pain and pressure along my sternum that seems to radiate into the right side of my chest. I saw a doctor last week and had a chest xray yesterday. My doctor didn't consider my PC as being the cause of the pain. She prescribed me an inhaler which didn't help (waste of $40) and also told me it could be anxiety related (I have anxiety attacks and am on meds for that, this is nothing near the "norm" for my anxiety symptoms) I haven't had any injury to the area. Has anyone else had any issues with this sort of thing? Anybody have their PC get worse with age?
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Hello, i'm Jake, 16 years old and I have suffered from pectus carrinatum from the age of 7-8. I was oblivious to it at my younger age until it became very intrusive as I developed through puberty. I went to go see the doctor about because I was suffering from chest pain and they told me there was no correlation and that chest pain just "happens". Later on I found out I had precordial (I am not sure if that is the correct way to spell it) catch syndrome which can muscle pain the sternum and other areas around there. Both PC and PCS are linked to Hyper Mobility Syndrome (which I was diagnosed with) which is a syndrome which causes a wide variety of symptoms including, shortness of breath, fatigue, chronic joint and muscle pain and hyper-mobility (unusually flexible joints)- So if you find yourself with a big bunch of other symptoms, you may want to check that up.

Hello my name is Justin, i'm 14, and just want to respond to help anyone if its possible.
I have had PC for the past two years and haven't really worn the brace since I felt like it wasn't as big of a deal as my doctors made it clear, until i started getting shortness of breath.
I feel sorry for you if you're already older and your doctors told you that it wasn't a problem cause I was lucky enough to have doctors tell me as soon as my mom saw a little irregularity in my chest that i need an xray.
Really all im saying is that if you're young surgery isn't the only option, and if you're a parent and you don't think your child has the strength to wear it after it starts hurting than you probably need the surgery since your kid will just take it off like I did before I realized its actually was a problem.

Hello, my name is amy I have pc and the same problem I have been researching it all night and came across your story your the first ive found that has pain with this deformity. Im 28 year old and had been to the doctor when i was 17 due to pain in my chest and they said i had a deformaty but mild nothing to worry about unless it became really painful or like unbearable well 11 years later im completely miserable I go to bed and wake up in pain everyday the pain hasnt always been there but just the past two years. I really hope they dont consider this cosmetic sergery because thats not true when its this painful i dont care how it looks anymore im married and it used to bother me when i was young but all i care about is being pain free. I hope the best for you and hope to possibly chat to learn from you what i may not know yet which is really helpful.

I am a 50 yr. old mother of 4 with PC. First sharp chest pain happened 7 months ago. I was on vacation, and blamed it on my bikini top digging in while lying on stomach sunbathing. Since then, it has happened again, usually when doing something physical, like lifting or shoveling snow. Last week we got snow, and I got a very sharp pain, that feels like pinching, and now there is a sore, tender spot there, and it will pinch at the slightest wrong movement. The pain is not deep, but feels like it's right under the skin. I had no shortness of breath. Anyone else ever experience anything like this?

Sounds like your body is changing and the tissues that were flexible are now beginning to calcify. The strenuous exercise or just laying there will affect those fibers and push or pull thus truggering nerves and causing pain.

At your age if surgery is not an option, which at 50 and 4 kids I don't think it is. My suggestion would be a gentle slight compression of the sternum as support to hold it in position and prevent it from pushing out further thus causing more pain.

Glad to help anytime.

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Wow, I am in my early twenties. I have had PC, I discovered it in middle school. My doctor was never worried about it but I am noticing the same pain and shortness of breath you described. I had a bad episode last night and my boyfriend was concerned it was an anxiety attack. I'm afraid it was too intense. I also have problems with under wire and finding a bra that will not push. It makes my right breast appear bigger as well. I don't know if I am just self conscious or if you can kinda still see it when I wear a bikini...

I've recently discovered I have PC. It literally sprung up over night it seemed around the age of 12. I thought I had hurt my chest when I fell off a swing and landed right on my stomach when i was 11. Never really thought much of it until as an adolescent it really started to bug me. When I was 17 and on medicare, a doctor finally took notice of it and had an xray done. She said it was really strange the way the vertebrae in my spine lined up, causing the protrusion in the chest. I haven't had it looked at since, but it's gotten to be increasingly uncomfortable over the years and I am now 24. I don't have insurance, and recently quit smoking cigarettes. Even though it's been 2 months since, I still experience shortness of breath and wonder if it's in any part due to my sternum. I also noticed that when I lay on my side for too long I get a sharp pain in my chest. I try deep breathing exercises to stretch that area and hopefully lessen the pain. I've heard yoga helps, but I almost feel that at 24 the body has already done what it's going to do and the only other corrective option is surgery.Today I had to look up more side effects to PC because it has been unusually painful in that area. How costly is the surgery and how many insurances actually cover it?

Mine seemed to spring up overnight as well, it was after a competitive swim practice at the age of 9. I though that maybe I had stretched too hard. I have seen a chest wall specialist/surgeon, and got diagnosed with PC and Costachondritis for the pain. My pain varies from sharp pain, to every kind of ache. I am 15 now, and I'm on daily anti-inflammatory painkiller for this, and it still hurts.
Do you have any idea how it just, suddenly springs up? I literally had the flattest chest, and then it was like i had a cylinder on the right side of my sternum.
Currently I am also being evaluated for fibromialga, and it seems like nobody cares about my chest pain except my mom.

We care and will be happy to help. Have your mom call or email the office and then have her press 9 for the answering service so you can get in touch with me directly. We'll be happy to help with your pectus.


Can Adults get fitted with brace please give information how to make contact. I so fed up of my pc.

I have Pectus Carinatum or now i should say had because i just got surgery for it a week ago. Mine caused me horrible pain, too. Thats why i needed the surgery. I also had shortness of breath and i was diagnosed to have anxiety attacks too. If you want to have surgery and want more information on it just message me and i can tell you anything you would like to know. Good Luck!

I am really interested in where you went for your surgery and who did it. My little brother has pc and last night experienced a "panic attack" they said but it was really frightening to my family. It was definitely uncontrollable and you could tell the pain was almost more than he could handle. So far all of the doctors we have been to haven't been helpful. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank You,
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He would be better off with just a brace. The brace will simply reposition his chest and hold it there until it grows flat and stays that way. Please give your parents my office information, look on our website and see our new video as well. T-Joe Brace.

Hello, My daughter has PC and PE and will be having sugery next month. Please let me know what type of surgery , where you had it, and how are you feeling. I am so worried and hope that we have made the right decision. Hope to here from you. Thanks

At your age it shouldn't get any worse, and if you want you PC fixed doctors would most likely recommend surgery considering that the cartilage in your chest isn't as flexible as it was when you were 14 thus making the brace less effective. I've had shortness of breath ever since I've had PC, but my doctors didn't think that was the case. Before I got my brace I had to take a respiratory exercise, and they assured me that my shortness of breath wasn't caused by PC.