My son is 16 and has Pectus carinatum. It has got a lot worse over the past year and he is now considering surgery. However he is petrified and is unsure if it's the right thing to do
Has anyone had the surgery and could offer advice or is there anyone who is also in the same situation and would like to chat.

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If there is anything we can do feel free to call or email the office. We often see asymetric pectus carinatum patients whose chest nicely 'levels-off' after bracing and an exercise program.<br />
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For kids unsure they can always brace first. Bracing can only be done when they are younger ( under 19 ) however the surgery can be done at any age but most surgeons in our experience prefer the kids be skeletally mature before doing the surgery. Most surgeons lately will prescribe bracing over surgery first. We have braced dozens of kids with an almost 100% success rate that have symetric, asymetric, mild to extreme pectus deformities. We have only had about 8 patients in almost 15 years that were unbraceable and needed surgery. <br />
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We are happy to help anytime. Call or email the office anytime. Check our website for some information on your first appointment, how to take pectus photos, doctors around the country using our bracing system etc. <br />
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Skype appointments are always free and a great way to see the brace and ask questions almost like being together in person. <br />
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Look forward to helping any way possible,<br />
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My son is 17 and has an appointment with a Thoracic surgeon next week. He wants the surgery because he is in pain. His lump is only on the right side. It looks like his ribs are pushing up and trying to overlap his sternum. The deformity has caused his ribs on the lower side of his chest to cave in. I wonder if it could be pressing on his liver? His pain is worse after heavy exercise. He also has major sleeping issues. I feel really bad for him but he has really learned to cope with the aesthetic issues... he takes his shirt off at the beach, and he just smiles, laughs and cracks jokes about his lump if anyone comments. He indicated that if they can just fix his lower ribs to get rid of the pain he would be fine with keeping his lump if it means a faster recovery. He says the lump is who he is. I am very proud of him but I am very nervous about surgery. Let me know if you find any info on a surgical procedure that seems better than others. I am trying to search the internet but there is more info on PE than there is on PC. I will post again after his doctor's appointment next wednesday and let you know what he says. Good luck with your son!