My Advice For Pectus Carinatum

Wow. It's amazing to read all these stories; they are all so similar. It is truly unbelievable. But I won't share my story but rather give some advice for those who have Pectus Carinatum. I have spent many many hours researching and learning about the deformity as I, myself, have Pectus Carinatum, too.

If you have Pectus Carinatum, don't be alarmed because there is something that you can do about it. DO NOT sit and wait to take any actions as it will only hurt your ability to correct the deformity. Unfortunately, I waited until I was 18 when I told my Mom that I wanted something done about the Pectus Carinatum.

If you're between the ages of 13-17 with Pectus Carinatum, act and act fast. You may not know it, but your chest cage is turning into bone as we speak. As you become an adult, the chest cage turns from a flexible cartilage into a hard bone. When this happens, correction of the Pectus Carinatum is almost impossible without surgery. So if you're still young, find out where you can get a brace and go get it. When you get the brace, make sure you wear it as much as possible because that will only help you get rid of that bump.

If you're 18 or older with Pectus Carinatum, you will want to act fast as well. The chest cage becomes "hard" at different speeds with everyone, but it happens around the ages of 18-22 when your bones stop growing. A brace could still help correct the deformity, but you will want to figure it out fast. As for surgery, I heard it is very extensive (ie they open you up, cut your ribs, shave your sternum) but I have also heard it can be quite successful. I've heard more good than not about the surgery. So if the brace is out of the question, surgery is certainly an option.

If you have any question or want to tell your story, feel free to write below. I will gladly respond to all comments.
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Thanks for the information, i'm 14 and have PC. I noticed i had it when i was in between 11-12, people always asked me about... I started to fell embarrassed and have low self esteem issues. It sometimes gets annoying (especially with seat-belts!)
I really don't want to get a brace, so could you think of anything else to cover it up? (workouts, etc) That would be greatly appreciated.

i have PC too,what games u got on it?
ha ha ha.
sorry trying to stop this dramatic environment.i have pc and im ur age so if u need someone to talk to im here bro.if urs is really mild case u could try bodybuilding.i have been try-harding gym for 6 months and its still easily visible.bodybuilding is a hopeless last resort if you ask me so dont even think about it.brace is the best is has alot of unhappy has lifetime scars and u need treatment even after the surgery for a while.but poor guys like us(i dont know if ur a guy btw) can talk to each other for some confidence!

Great posting, you are correct in all your statements in our experience. We are bracing young men in their 20's and also one just recently who was 36! <br />
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Glad to help you or anyone with pectus. Skype appointments can be made through our website and are always free. Skype is a great way to ask questions, see the brace etc.<br />
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Keep in mind Pectus Services does not provide independent care for pectus. We are happy to make suggestions and give an opinion however its your doctor(s) who decide your treatment and care of your doctor(s) by presc<x>ription. <br />
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