19 Year Old Girl With Pectus Carinatum

HI, im a 19 year old girl with Pectus Carinatum.
i have seen two surgens each one have said that it is a mild case, and i should just try to get over it...
it has really affected my self esteem for far to long!! i have read alot of storys about people who have either the right side or the left side of their chest sticking out, but with me its my whole sternem that sticks out. its literally like a "pigeons chest"
i really dont know what to do from here??? can i go see another doctor about this?? i am willing to do anything!! i really want to have the surgery done, i dont care about the scar, anything would be better then this... i would really like some advice.
03tara 03tara
18-21, F
1 Response May 15, 2012

did you have your correction maam?