How Long Does It Take For Pain To Go And Get Used To Pectus Carinatum Brace

I have just got my brace and have worn it 24/7 for the first 4 days it's so hard and But I need to get rid of this deformity. Can anyone just share their experiences with me please?
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Is the brace a good choice? I hate having PC, and my doctor acted like it was no big deal and said it would go away, but it never did.. you could only imagine my frustration. My parents ignore me when I try to speak of my PC.. so I doubt the brace is an option. /:

How old are you? And I'm 17 I had same thing doctor said to me but said put on weight and do press ups, it dose help alot so that's what I'm doing and brace

I think we are in the same boat, buddy :(

No I don't do stretches and exercises everyday. I am twelve years old

I think that you should take baby steps. You re overwhelming your body by wearing it 24/7 right when you get it. Start off with a couple hours one day, then keep on wearing it more and more each day then you will be more comfortable, that is what I did.

Is Your slight difference made you happy by making it worth it? And my doctor said attempt to go through wearing it 24 hrs a day so you will get used to it quicker but perhaps your right! Do you do exercises like stretching and that everyday? And if you don't mind how old are you

I've been wearing it for about three months now and have seen a slight improvment. in my PC, It is a lot easier to wear in the winter.

The exact same thing happened to me the first couple weeks suck! But eventually you'll get used to it trust me.

How long have you been wearing it for ? And have you seen a difference. And I reckon it be alot more easier during winter months!

Iv been wearing mine for 9 days now for 24 hrs, the first week was very hard but dose slowly get easier once brusing goes down and sore skin heals. But iv gone back to doctor and we have diced to change the psotion of where I'm wearing the brace so now I'm having to go threw the pain again! Hope it's worth it. And hope have **** summer haha

I read somebody post and he told the most difficult 1 month , so I hope its will get better

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I also order bracketed clothes , I wearing them under the brace , but you can wear any tea-short , its still hurts... Mostly back Spain , but we have to go for it

I just git brace too , a was wearing them for 24 hours for 12 days , I when I took them out I got a little presser sore , when my doctor told me to wear them for 16-20 hours